Tosen Kiln Kyoto Vegetables Kiyomizu Ware Plate Set

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This plate set features summer vegetables from Kyoto: Manganji pepper, Kamo eggplant, Shogoin radish, Kujo green onion, and Shikagaya pumpkin. The serene blue and white of sometsuke enhance the traditional charm of Kiyomizu ware and the unique appeal of each Kyoto vegetable.

Designs of the vegetables are created by applying a water-resistant substance to outline the shapes. Then, gosu, a cobalt blue glaze, is hand-painted over the surface, leaving the protected areas untouched. After a second bisque-firing, delicate lines with gosu add the finishing touch to each design.

Perfectly sized for small treats or side dishes, these plates are sure to be delightful items on your home table this summer.

Established in 1868 as a prominent Kiyomizu ware wholesaler in Kyoto, Tosen Kiln remains loyal to its traditional roots. With a unique blend of soil and glaze, the kiln has upheld the methods and unmatched quality associated with Nonomura Ninsei, the esteemed potter recognized for perfecting the art of Kyo ware in the 17th century.


  • Quantity5 plates
  • Dimension: D 11.5 cm (4.5 in) x H 2.5 cm (1 in)
  • Material: Stoneware 
  • Origin: Made in Japan - Kiyomizu Ware
  • Brand: Tosen kiln


Tosen Kiln introduces the traditional techniques of Kiyomizu ware through their delicate hand painting and modeling styles.

The intricate paintings breathe warmth and beauty into their pieces and tell stories of the diligence needed to create them.

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ABOUT Kyo Ware and Kiyomizu Ware

"Emblematic Pottery Flourishes in the Old Capital of Japan"

Kyo ware and Kiyomizu ware is one of Kyoto's representative crafts. Its a traditional craft designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, named Kyo-yaki or Kiyomizu-yaki in Japanese.

There is no specific style, and all pottery techniques from various regions of Japan are used. Another characteristic of Kyo ware is that all processes, such as pottery wheel turning and painting, are done by hand. With a history that has developed along with traditional culture, Kyo ware is characterized by delicate painting and excellent modeling skills, resulting in ceramics of great elegance and highly pictorial qualities. Kyo ware and Kiyomizu ware were designated as traditional crafts by the Japanese government in 1977 and are very popular for its artistic quality.

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