Kokuzou Kiln Cherry Blossoms Kutani Lucky Cat - Blue

JPY ¥16,500

This is a home decoration in the shape of a cat beckoning with a forepaw. An adorable, hand-sized lucky cat in a cute pose is made by Kokuzou Kiln. It features beautiful watercolor-like painting and elegant designs which blend in the modern lifestyle.

With its gentle facial expression, this lucky cat makes you happy every time you see it in your daily life. Two overlapped cherry blossoms in full bloom are depicted on it, adding a bright and flowery impression to your room. The black collar with a yellow bell, tied in a bow on the back of the cat, is very charming. 

A lucky cat is said to grant different wishes depending on which paw it raises. Raising the left paw is said to invite people, while raising the right paw is to usher in money and good fortune.

The beautiful color paintings of Kutani Ware and the stylish design unique to Kokuzou Kiln make this lucky cat a distinctive item.

A pink colored lucky cat with its left paw raised is also available. It would be nice to place them together in your room or at the entrance. Find your favorite lucky cat to bring fortune into your house.

Kokuzo Kiln is located in Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture. It is one of the few kilns in the Kutani Ware that conducts all production in-house, from molding the base material to painting and kiln firing. The kiln is nestled at the foot of the venerable Mt. Kokuzo, a place with a long history and tradition of Kutani Ware, and is characterized by its unique shapes and innovative, colorful designs, which are all made by hand. They put their heart into each piece.


  • Dimension: 5.5cm(2.2in) x 5.5cm(2.2in) x H10cm(3.9in)
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Origin: Made in Japan - Kutani Ware
  • Brand: Kokuzou kiln


Their atelier is located at the foot of the historic Kokuzo mountain in the traditional land of Kutani.

It requires about three weeks to make a tableware out of clay through multiple processes. They spare no effort in their work, paying great attention to every detail.

Unlike manufactured products, each piece of tableware is handmade and sold in an integrated process, so that the warmth of the earth and the heart of the craftsman reside in each piece.

"Warmth of handmade pottery"

The Kokuzou Kiln uses the traditional techniques of Kutani ware to make a modern and new style of Kutani ware.

Their products are exclusively handcrafted and hand-painted, characterized by unique shapes, innovative and colorful designs.

The core of the brand's manufacturing is to create products that are pleasing to the eye, enjoyable to use, and whose presence enriches people's lives. They are committed to manufacturing with the belief that their pottery will be close to their customers and bring color and comfort to their daily lives and dining tables.

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About kutani ware

Kutani ware is a type of pottery produced in the Kaga region of Ishikawa Prefecture and it has a history of over 350 years.
It is characterized by the heavy brilliance of the five colors of green, yellow, red, purple, and navy blue that are applied to the bold and daring lines.
Its long history has evolved through the tireless efforts and enthusiasm of people who have sought innovation while maintaining tradition.
In the early 1700s, the Kutani kilns were closed, but about 80 years later they were opened and Kutani ware was revived.
The beauty of the various styles and methods of painting is known as "Japan Kutani" and is highly regarded around the world.