Table Setting #105
Teishoku Style Meal for One 


Matching items can give a basic daily meal a special touch.
Hand painted items from Aizen Kiln will add a hint of nostalgia to your table setting and give your table a pleasant warm look.


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  • The Variety of Japanese Tableware 
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Key points of this table setting

1.  Paired Items from Aizen Kiln

Two bunnies are hand drawn on the Japanese tea cup and rice bowl from Aizen Kiln. The watercolor painted style and beige color of the base with the brown rim give a rustic feel to the setting.  
To upgrade a Teishoku style setting, a pair of matching items will add just the right amount of design to the tablescape and will coordinate well with other white tableware items on the table.

2. The Variety in Japanese Tableware

One interesting element of a Japanese meal is the variety in the tableware items used for one meal.
Have fun creating your favorite style at home, putting together pieces in wide-ranging colors, shapes, textures, and materials. You'll be surprised to see that items from totally different collections or origin can come together on a tray to make a nicely organized setting for one.

For this meal, we used the beautifully designed Hasami Ware chrysanthemum oval plate with our soon-to-be released new Kutani Ware sauce plate from Hachi-Kutani. The miso soup bowl and chopsticks are Yamanaka Lacquerware, and the chopstick rest is made of Kutani Ware with a Kinsai decoration. 

Take a look at another setting for a Teishoku style meal with a completely different feel using stoneware items from Kousai Kiln.

Choosing which plate or bowl is part of the fun of enjoying Japanese meals at home. And hand painted items will add further pleasure to your task of selecting which item to use. 
Look forward to your next Japanese style meal for yourself to create your own style using beautiful and authentic Japanese tableware items.  

Featured items

Aizen Kiln

Aizen Kiln is a small studio located in the mountains of Hasami-cho of the Nagasaki Prefecture.
Two craftsmen and a staff of three work diligently to create each piece. Aizen Kiln's products have a rusticity in their materials, giving them a calm and sophisticated feel. And yet, they have a design that can be easily used every day and a functionality that has been carefully considered for every detail. They place importance on putting thought into each piece, rather than mass-producing identical pieces. The differences between each piece are the "characteristics" of the tableware, and these differences can be enjoyed as individuality.

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