Table Setting #112
Sushi in the Springtime  

Celebrate the early arrival of spring with sushi on Imari Nabeshima ware celadon plates. Enjoy the gentle and warm colors of Imari Nabeshima ware celadon plates from Hataman Touen. 


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  • Bring Spring to Your Table with Flowers 
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Points of This Table Setting

1. Imari Nabeshima Ware Celadon Plates 

Imari Nabeshima ware is known for its luxurious pieces made with techniques that have been passed down through generations. One of the most striking techniques is the production of transparent light blue celadon. Celadon items of Imari Nabeshima ware have a beautiful, transparent blue color that appears light and airy. Why not enjoy the early arrival of spring with sushi served on an Imari Nabeshima ware celadon plate? 

Celadon plates from Hataman Touen come in a lovely light pastel color. Enjoy the detailed patterns of cherry blossoms on the main plate, and the soft impressionistic design of a pine tree on the side plate. Dark colors of the bamboo vase and chopsticks give accent to the total color scheme. Added gold and silver colors with the plates and sake cups give glamour to the tablescape.

2. Bring Spring to your Table with Flowers 

As the floral motif is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, we often incorporate the beauty of flowers on our table as well.
Just in this individual setting, we blended in cherry blossoms, plum blossoms and chrysanthemums.
The Hataman Touen main plate, the elegant Hirado Sakura Mikawachi Ware chopstick rests with the Issou River Sakura Ebony Wakasa Lacquer chopsticks add lovely cherry blossoms to the table. The small bowl used to plate dessert is from Zuiho Kiln and is made in a plum blossom motif, and the sauce plate shows a chrysanthemum in full bloom. Even when it may be snowing outside, you can enjoy pretty flowers at home with authentic Japanese tableware items.

Celadon plates from Hataman Touen are wonderful pieces of tableware that can help you decorate your table with their hazy opalescent appearance. Express your anticipation for the arrival of spring with this refreshing table setting and enjoy a delightful sushi meal. 

Featured Item

Hataman Touen 

Hataman Touen is a company that aims to "create a new Nabeshima" while preserving the history and traditional craft of Imari Nabeshima ware, which has continued for 370 years. Based on the belief that "traditional crafts can only be inherited if they are closely connected to daily life," the company offers tableware that enriches the spirit and sensibility of today's modern lifestyle.

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