Table Setting #118
Hot Tea at the Table with Colorful Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Teapots

Perfectly placed at the center of this stylish setting, a gorgeously hued cast iron teapot is a delight to behold. On its specially designed tea warmer, it invites your guests to enjoy hot tea at the table.


  • Chic Table Setting to Enjoy Green Tea
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Artistic Aluminum
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Key points of this table setting

1. Chic Table Setting to Enjoy Green Tea    

A beautiful Nambu ironware cast iron teapot with a cherry blossom pattern accompanied with a chic aluminum tray will bring an air of elegance to any gathering. Not just for special occasions, this is a perfect table top for those everyday moments spent with family and friends.

For an eye-catching table centerpiece, this bright pink Nambu ironware cast iron teapot commands attention when placed atop a stylish tea warmer. Complementing it is the equally attractive ALART tray, just right for serving a cup of tea and a small confectionary. 

The black Yamanaka Lacquerware bento box is wonderful for placing more sweets at the table. Put on the lid whenever needed to keep the delicious sweets moist. Combining dark colors with that of the vibrant hue of the cast iron teapot creates a sophisticated atmosphere at the table. 

2. Pretty in Pink 

This very colorful cast iron teapot made of Nambu ironware is one of the newest additions to our Nambu Ironware collection. Created carefully by skilled craftsmen in Iwate Prefecture, each piece is adorned with exquisitely detailed cherry blossom designs and lined with enamel inside allowing it to be easily used.

What makes this item so special besides its beautiful design? The secret lies in its high thermal conductivity: it retains heat 1.5 times better than aluminum and cools down at a slower rate. This feature makes tea brewed in a Nambu ironware cast iron teapot particularly flavorful as the temperature remains consistent over a longer period of time.

3.  Artistic Aluminum  

With its unique interpretation of traditional Japanese patterns, serving trays from ALART gracefully enhance the bright crystal glaze of the teacup with the traditional "Sakura-mochi" wrapped in a leaf from a cherry blossom tree. We placed a small piece of Washi paper under the pink Sakura-mochi to keep the tray clean and for easy slicing of the mochi.
Arranged in a neat and orderly fashion, there is something captivating about how the aluminum lines stand out on the matte black base. 

Unmistakably stylish and eye-catching, ALART's Aluminum Round Window Frame Single Flower Vase has a unique design that is both modern and cozy. Crafted with aluminum in a soft silver color and natural wood in a dark brown, it provides an interesting contrast of metal and wood.

Creating a pleasant atmosphere for your guests is easy with the right table setting. Invite loved ones to come over and savor the warm comfort of a hot cup of tea, and enjoy some memorable moments together. 

Featured Items

Roji Associates Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Teapots

Roji Associates is a young Nambu ironware manufacturer located in Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture. It was founded by artist Hisao Iwashimizu and his brother in 2000, to create and showcase the simplistic beauty of Japanese kettles. The manufacturer's ironware pieces are characterized by its unique designs and vibrant colors. It brings innovation and modern sensibilities to a traditional handicraft.

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