Table Setting #138
Captivating Contrasts: Glimmering Edo Kiriko Glassware on Black

Hosting a memorable evening of sublime enjoyment enveloped with Japanese beauty and hospitality is not just about preparing tantalizing Japanese cuisine and a sumptuous selection of Japanese drinks; it's also about setting an impressively elegant atmosphere.

In this table setting, we show how you can create a luxuriant ambiance with the beauty of opulent drinkware accompanied with Japanese food on stylish tableware. Get ready for a night of refinement and relaxation that will take your entertaining game to new heights!


  • Setting a Chic Ambience and Tabletop
  • Exquisite Drinkware in Red: Edo Kiriko Glassware
  • Served with Grace and Glamour
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. Setting a Chic Ambience and Tabletop

The ambiance sets the tone for a sophisticated gathering. Dimmed lighting casts a warm and inviting glow on a dark-colored table. The beauty of the drinkware is accentuated by the soft metallic reflection from the aluminum leaf's shine of placemats from HAKU LA TABLE, creating an atmosphere of refinement and relaxation. The alluring contrast of the dark and light hues give a unique calmness to this setting. 

By embracing a stylish dark and shiny black color scheme, your tabletop will exude luxury and a touch of mystery. 
The key to a sophisticated table arrangement is simplicity in colors. Start with a sleek black table as the backdrop, allowing the Edo Kiriko glasses to take center stage. Place the glasses on placemats or coasters that show off their intricate details. Neatly arrange the sake, and shochu bottles in the background, completing a cohesive display. The minimalist approach highlights the elegance of the drinkware, creating a refined atmosphere.

2. Exquisite Drinkware: Edo Kiriko Glassware

Completing stunning tablescape calls for the perfect drinkware. The Edo Kiriko glassware is an example of exquisite traditional Japanese craftsmanship, featuring a vibrant and classical red that adds sophistication to the table. A traditional pattern that adorns this cup is known as Shippou and is composed of multiple parallel circles that are arranged one quarter above another. This distinctive imagery symbolizes both peace and joy with its ring-like shape that continues endlessly.

Originally designed as a soba choko cup for soba dipping sauce, this item blends in perfectly as a rock glass for sake or for a cold glass of shochu. The accompanying lid can be used under the cup as a coaster or as a plate for condiments and side dishes. 

Red Edo Kiriko glasses truly stand out. Their captivating patterns and precision-cut glassworking make them a true aesthetic pleasure to behold. Each piece is sure to impress your guests with its spectacular visual marvels.

3. Served with Grace and Glamour

We mainly chose black tableware items to match our stylish dark and shiny black color scheme. 

This dinner is a fitting occasion to decorate the table with matte-black items from Usukiyaki's Ryouka series. These plates give your setting an added fine-dining look with its artistic design and matte textures.  Plated sashimi is given a modern feel and a graceful presentation with the plate's petal-like design.

The ALART tray combines black aluminum and an artistically designed aluminum tray to create a stunning piece that offers a dark black shine. With matching Shippou patterns also set on the surface of the Kiriko glasses, not only does it provide aesthetic appeal, this tray also serves as a useful plate for small items like this dainty appetizer in a citrus fruit cup. 

For an evening of special drinks and fine cuisine, the atmosphere can be crafted to upgrade the experience with striking Edo Kiriko glassware on a black tabletop. With the added chic black tableware and sophisticated silver of the placemat, your guests will feel luxury as they savour each sip and enjoy each bite.

Featured Items

Hirota Glass Soba Choko Cups with Lid

The intricate beauty and elaborate design of Edo Kiriko makes these soba choko cups a must-have item for those who appreciate the detailed craftsmanship of Edo Kiriko. Not only are they perfect as "Guinomi" sake cups, rocks glasses, dessert cups, or candle holders but the lid also can be used as an attractive coaster or small plate. Each elegant piece in this collection features modernized traditional Edo Kiriko cutting patterns that give them their unique designs.

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