Table Setting #142
A Romantic Tanabata Dinner Under a Starlit Sky

Create an intimate and elegant atmosphere with the soothing beauty of Imari Nabeshima celadon and stunning Edo Kiriko drinkware. As summer graces the Japanese archipelago with clear, star-studded skies, a unique opportunity arises for a memorable dinner for two on Tanabata, a traditional festival also known as the "Star Festival" celebrated on July 7.

Join us as we introduce a graceful table design set for two. Let the romance unfold with wishes hung on bamboo branches and delicacies beautifully served on celadon tableware.


  • A Table for Tanabata
  • Celadon for Summer
  • The Sophistication of Edo Kiriko Drinkware
  • Featured Items

Points of This Table Setting

1. A Table for Tanabata

A unique celebration of love and wishes, Tanabata finds its origin in a romantic legend of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi – represented by the stars Vega and Altair, respectively. They were separated by the Milky Way and permitted to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month. So what could be more perfect than a romantic dinner to celebrate love and appreciate the company of that special someone on Tanabata. Read more about Tanabata in our blog Tanabata: A Celestial Love Story Spanning Cultures.

We started this serene and stylish setting with celadon plates from Kosen Kiln on an eye-soothing placemat made of bamboo. Their calming celadon hues juxtaposed against the summery feel surrounding them will be nothing short of exquisite. 

A tray in the center holds small appetizers along with a vase with the decorative bamboo branches. The white wood of the tray highlights the deep blue hues of the vase with a strip of beautifully blended colors creating a Milky-Way like look on the table.

2. Celadon for Summer

Bringing summer to your dinner table, Kosen Kiln's Nabeshima ware plate is a showstopper. Its classic yet timeless design lends an air of coolness with its mesmerizing celadon hues and rice fish motifs. Each plate exudes an elegance with its unique celadon hues that will have you enthralled before the meal even starts. 

3. The Sophistication of Edo Kriko Drinkware

Celebrate your love with the breathtaking beauty of Edo Kiriko glassware. This traditional cut-glass art form is renowned for its sophisticated designs and bold hue. To enhance your dining experience, pick a pair that compliments the look of your Imari Nabeshima ware.
These stunningly crafted glasses come with a lid that make them even more special. Watch as they cast reflections like twinkling stars in the night sky, honoring Tanabata with an ethereal touch. Revel in the elegance of Edo Kiriko glasses - sublimely exquisite pieces that will add flair to your table setting. 

Add the Hirota Chirori Edo Kiriko Glass Sake Cooler to these cups for a fully coordinated drinkware set, perfect for a special occasion like Tanabata.

Prepare yourself for enchantment with Nabeshima ware and the sophistication of Edo Kiriko glassware, creating a stunning tableau. On this special night as you gaze at the stars in wonder, let Orihime and Hikoboshi's story whisper through papers hung on bamboo branches with wishes written with that special person close by. Share an unforgettable experience together anchored in love, tradition, and timeless aesthetics that Japan has fostered over centuries.

Featured Items

Kosen Kiln

Nabeshima Kosen Kiln specializes in products that use a variety of the three techniques that are characteristic of Nabeshima ware: Iro-Nabeshima, Sometsuke, and celadon. The company's founder, Tameo Kawasoe, has long studied celadon porcelain with a strong desire to make Nabeshima celadon ware available to a wider audience. 

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