Table Setting #154
Chrysanthemum Charm: Celebrating Choyo-no-Sekku

As the heavy heat of summer slowly fades, and a slight coolness in the wind sets in, Japan readies itself for the highly anticipated hues of fall.

Choyo-no-Sekku, the last of the five seasonal festivals, is celebrated on September 9 and is a reflection of this awaited transition. Known for its celebratory symbol of chrysanthemums, our table decor today highlights the beauty of this elegant flower. Adorned with Imari-style tableware, the color scheme is a perfect match for this festive occasion. This age-old tradition welcomes the harvest season with appreciation and, of course, a seasonal feast.


  • A Floral Feast with Imari Elegance
  • Crowned with Chrysanthemums
  • Toasting to Tradition with "Toso" Sake Ware
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. A Floral Feast with Imari Elegance 

The heart of the Choyo-no-Sekku table setting lies in the exquisite Imari-style tableware, which perfectly captures the spirit of this traditional celebration. Plates adorned with autumnal deep reds, blues, and rich golds have a stunning glow against the black glimmer of the low Japanese-style tableau. Each plate tells a story of Japanese craftsmanship, showcasing intricate designs that are reminiscent of the lavish and celebratory styles of the bygone era of the Edo period. The hand-woven chrysanthemum flower ball shines amongst the stunning tableware items to deliver the beauty of this special occasion. 

Discover more about Choyo-no-Sekku in our blog post Embracing Autumn with The Choyo-no-Sekku: The Beauty of the Chrysanthemum Festival.

Welcome guests with culinary delights filled with seasonal treasures and celebrate the abundance of this festivity. One of the most favored treats of autumn is chestnut rice which is beautifully served on chrysanthemum-shaped  Hasami ware plate. The rectangular plate with a contemporary take on the timeless and traditional patterns of the classic Imari style showcases the main dish of marinated fried fish and eggplants. Though small in size, the bold and iconic designs give it a strong a presence on the table. 

No feast is truly complete without a dessert, offering a sweet finale to a delightful meal. We presented Japanese-style sugar sweets in this two-tiered Aizu lacquerware Jubako bento box. Adorned with Aizu-e, a traditional hand-painted design, this decadently designed bento box also features the chrysanthemum motif, symbolizing auspiciousness and longevity. It's a fitting addition for the upcoming season filled with celebratory moments.

2. Crowned with Chrysanthemums 

Fall's delight, edible chrysanthemums, grace the plates with their vivid yellow. Cultivated mainly in northern Japan, these chrysanthemums, tailored for culinary use, carry a delicate bitterness and a rejuvenating scent. Small varieties are often paired with sashimi, and the larger, regal purple and yellow blooms take center stage in autumn. Swiftly blanched, they blend into sauces and "Aemono" mixes. Amidst the Imari style hues, their vibrant yellow color shines distinctively.

3. Toasting to Tradition with "Toso" Sake Ware

No celebration is complete without a heartfelt toast, and Choyo-no-Sekku is no exception. To elevate this elegant occasion further, we turn our attention to the exquisite White Porcelain "Toso" Arita Sake Set. The pristine white porcelain reflects the purity and simplicity inherent in Japanese aesthetics and works as the perfect backdrop for the bright yellow petals of a chrysanthemum.

Just as the chrysanthemum motif tabelware embodies the spirit of Choyo-no-Sekku, the "Toso" Arita Sake Set seamlessly integrates into the tableau, completing the sensory experience of a festive gathering.  

The Choyo-no-Sekku table setting, with its Imari-style tableware, chrysanthemum motifs, and scrumptious feast, beautifully captures the essence of autumn and immerses us in this cherished tradition. It's a tribute to seasonal beauty, a chance to honor the shift from summer to fall. This Choyo-no-Sekku, let us gather, toast to the changing seasons, and enjoy its bounties.

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