Table Setting #160
Kumiko Craftsmanship with Fall's Transient Beauty

As the fleeting beauty of fall whispers of time quickly passing, seize the moment to gather with cherished friends and family, enjoying each other's company in a lingering evening enriched by an exquisite meal. Within a warm, inviting ambiance, let vibrant, transient colors envelop your tablescape.

Pause from the hustle of daily life; come together to bask in the joy of the season, leisurely sipping sake and savoring bites of thoughtfully prepared delicacies. This table setting, with skillfully crafted Kumiko trays, will illuminate your way to an unforgettable autumn party, where every detail is a celebration of Japanese cuisine and decor.


  • Setting of the Season
  • The Kumiko Centerpiece
  • White Fine Details 
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Key points of this table setting

1. Setting of the Season

Bathed in the gentle glow of a setting sun, a wide window frames the picturesque view of a Japanese garden, its fiery foliage telling tales of autumn. Generously prepared, an array of dishes presented on stunning Kumiko woodwork trays invites guests to unhurriedly indulge in various flavors, fitting perfectly with the season's ambiance.

Pristine white porcelain plates grace the table, their purity and intricately shaped designs, reminiscent of chrysanthemums, brightening the setting. 

Position your table near a window or veranda, where guests can delight in the lively color palette outside. Ensure a casual yet elegant affair by offering bite-sized dishes paired with premium sake.

The Shokado Bento Box from Hibino finds its place at the table, serving as lidded ware for small onigiri rice balls, crowned with thinly cut pickled vegetables in beautiful colors.

2. The Kumiko Centerpiece

Crafted exclusively from Japanese cedar, Kumiko woodwork trays are not only symbols of meticulous craftsmanship but also eye-catching centerpieces that elevate the visual appeal of your culinary creations, especially in large-table affairs where aesthetics play a pivotal role.

Beyond their functionality, they serve as artful expressions, each detailed pattern and delicate latticework telling its own unique story. Every bite on the tray becomes a piece of Japanese culinary art, bestowing a mellow beauty as transient as the leaves that inspired it. 

Moreover, these trays double as elegant displays for cups and small plates, adding an extra layer of sophisticated detail to your setting.

3. White Fine Details

While the Kumiko trays impart a sense of luxury, the simplicity and purity of white porcelain drinkware and serving plates lend a harmonious balance, reflecting ambient light with their understated elegance against the table's bounty.

Adorn the setup with Usuki ware, renowned for its floral forms, to add an organic touch that mirrors the external natural beauty. 

Kutani sake cups, made from the locally-sourced, rare white clay "Hanasaka," are thin enough to allow light to gently permeate through, enhancing the delicate aesthetic.

Host a gathering during the autumn season and invite guests into a world where nature, tradition, and culinary artistry converge. With these refined touches, your autumnal tablescape becomes the perfect setting to reminisce with loved ones and to make a moment in time where the transient beauty of nature is celebrated and savored. 

Featured Items

Ominato Bunkichi Shoten 

Established in Kamo City, Niigata Prefecture during the early Meiji period (1868-1912), Ominato Bunkichi Shoten initially specialized in producing "Shibu-gami," a unique Japanese paper coated with persimmon extract. Later, the company evolved under the second-generation Bunkichi by incorporating local woodworking techniques into creating eloquent folding screens. Today, the company blends its deep-rooted woodworking proficiency with modern designs, offering a diverse range of cherished interior and home products.

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USUKIYAKI, led by Hiroyuki Usami, has revived the pottery that existed in what is now Usuki City, Oita Prefecture during the Edo period, after a lapse of 200 years. The beautiful matte porcelain dishes, which blend the essence of past creations with modern sensibilities, are crafted daily by artisans in a studio surrounded by the rich nature of Usuki City.

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