Table Setting #161
Modern Mastery of Sometsuke from SINGAMA

Fine lines and geometric patterns draw attention to the blue and white of the Seto ware from SINGAMA. Introducing a distinctive and contemporary flair, their tableware pieces infuse a fresh lightness and crisp elegance into this lunch table setting for two, bridging tradition with a present-day sensibility.


  • Autumn Served: A Playful Twist on Traditional Sometsuke
  • Sweetness Cradled in a Yamanaka Lacquerware Jubako Bento Box
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. Autumn Served: A Playful Twist on Traditional Sometsuke

A thoughtfully prepared autumn luncheon set for two, where classic Japanese aesthetics and modern tableware artistry converge in harmony. For this stylish Japanese lunch, we chose plates and bowls from SINGAMA's Seto ware that weave a tale of timeless tradition with a fresh take on Sometsuke craftsmanship.

The Blue and White from SINGAMA, celebrated for their meticulously hand-painted patterns on unblemished white porcelain, provide a fitting frame for all dishes, from the grilled "Sanma" (known as Mackerel Pike in English) to the fruit salad in a collage of colors.

The porcelain's sharpness and pristineness are softly muted by the organic textures of lacquerware and stoneware. Small delicate red foliage leaves a lasting impression on the table and crafts a tablescape that is both culturally rich and visually splendid. 

2. Sweetness Cradled in a Yamanaka Lacquerware Jubako Bento Box

The Negoro Yamanaka Lacquerware Two Tiers Jubako Bento Box decorates our setting with the vitality of autumn. Its vermilion hue, reminiscent of the flaming hues of fallen leaves, adds a splash of color and a textural richness to our luncheon tableau. 

Opting for sweet over savory, we chose to fill the Jubako bento box with "Wagashi" Japanese confections and crunchy sweet treats on the top tier, and seasonal fruit in the bottom tier.

SINGAMA's Sometsuke beautifully captures the cozy essence of handmade pieces. Discover a new, innovative way to appreciate Sometsuke with our luncheon layout, which respects both traditional and contemporary styles, ensuring every bite and every shared moment with your guest is uniquely special.

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Founded in 1919, SINGAMA is a pottery studio located in the northeastern part of Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, in a locale known as "Shinano." Their pottery is made from high-quality Seto clay and adorned with indigo Seto Sometsuke, displaying soft and delicate patterns with a simple yet charming design. Each piece, radiating the warm embrace of meticulous craftsmanship, will add a soothing touch to your daily meal tablescape.

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