Table Setting #168
Elegant Sushi Dining: The Lacquerware Jubako Box Experience

Take your sushi dining occasion to new heights with the exquisite artistry of a lacquerware Jubako bento box. These elegant boxes, deeply rooted in Japanese tradition, offer a unique presentation for various menus alongside sumptuous nigiri sushi. As you open each tier, you'll discover a carefully curated selection of dishes presented with visual appeal and attention to detail.

Discover how a lacquerware Jubako bento box can elevate your sushi dining to an unforgettable culinary experience, ideal for the holiday season and welcoming the new year.


  • Sushi Dining in Style
  • Layers of Lacquerware Luxury
  • Premium Drinkware 
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Key points of this table setting

1. Sushi Dining in Style

A striking table with all the refinements that elevate a meal into a special event.
The Nishijin brocade table runner provides a textured base with soft gold accents. The symmetry of the table setting exudes a formal ambiance and aids in the precise placement of various items. Each serving piece, carefully chosen, sets the tone for an upscale dining experience.

Nigiri, hand-rolled rice topped with delicate sashimi, is gracefully presented on an Arita ware gold plate crafted by Kaizan Kiln. This plate boasts the fusion of a natural wood-like appearance with a metallic hue resulting in a truly remarkable piece. Its elongated shape not only accommodates the nigiri but also provides space for additional items, such as a vegetable mix, elegantly served in a mesmerizing Edo Kiriko glass cup. The handmade Wakasa lacquerware chopsticks, with mother-of-pearl inlays, add subtle glimmers at your guests' fingertips.

Complementing the Jubako's lustrous shine is the Aizu lacquerware bowl, adorned with the authentic Aizu-e design featuring classic Japanese motifs of pine, bamboo, and plum blossoms. Vivid red lacquer highlights the plum, with pine and bamboo in a deep green. The central gold diamond pattern is a signature of this auspicious design, making it ideal for milestones and celebratory events.

2. Layers of Lacquerware Luxury

This Jubako bento box exemplifies the allure of lacquer artistry. As a centerpiece on the dining table, it captivates with its glossy finish, ornate gold details, and iridescent shell inlays. The pine tree, with its remarkable lifespan and evergreen leaves, is a symbol deeply ingrained in Japanese culture, synonymous with good fortune and longevity.

Each layer is designed to present food in the most visually appealing manner. Small bowls and plates inside hold a variety of side dishes and desserts. The light reflecting off the lacquer surface, combined with gold accents, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and luxury.

3. Premium Drinkware

Complete your celebratory table design with premium drinkware for enjoying sake alongside the delicious Japanese cuisine. The Kinzan Kiln Japanese Sake Carafe is a stunning masterpiece, adorned with a chrysanthemum pattern painted in gold and various colors on a vermillion background, enhancing the sake experience by merging traditional artistry with modern elegance.

The matching sake cup beautifully complements the carafe's craftsmanship. Together, they create a celebration of artistry, ideal for momentous occasions or cherished gatherings.

Jubako bento boxes, deeply rooted in Japanese tradition, bring a unique charm to the table, enhancing even the finest sushi dinner. Commonly featured in New Year's festivities, they add a touch of elegance and heritage to a dining experience. These lacquerware boxes also offer practical functionality, providing an organized way to store various dishes and keep pre-prepared food fresh. They stand as a friendly and artistic reminder of Japan's rich history, integrating seamlessly into a sushi dinner setting.

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