Table Setting #176
The Spirit of Chado Unboxed: The Perfect Matcha Tea Setting 

Create your very own matcha sanctuary at home with the ambiance that captures the serene spirit of a Japanese tea ceremony. We have created a cozy corner on our table with each tea utensil, each decorative item adding to an atmosphere of serenity and mindfulness. Bring the essence of chado, the way of matcha making, into your everyday life. 


  • Curating Your Own Matcha Sanctuary
  • Inside Nishimoto's Matcha Tea Set 
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Key points of this table setting

1. Curating Your Own Matcha Sanctuary

With this matcha tea set from Nishimoto, you can easily recreate the authentic feel of a traditional tea room with all items set in a beautifully crafted wooden box. As you open the box's sides, a delightful surprise awaits—a miniature tea room adorned with the charm of a tatami mat aesthetic. The fixed sides play a role reminiscent of a traditional folding screen, with the auspicious pine trees elegantly painted on the natural wood, immersing you in the spirit of a Japanese tea ceremony.

You can enjoy experiencing many of the steps practiced in chado such as scooping the matcha powder with a chashaku, a tea scoop, or using a chasen to whisk the tea. 

As you pour hot water onto the fine matcha powder, hearing the soothing sound of water gently meeting the bowl's sides and witnessing the matcha gracefully disperse on the water's surface, provide a sense of comfort to all senses.

Lightly whisking the matcha is a moment of true calmness. Concentrating on the gentle, rhythmic motion of whisking matcha into a delicate, smooth brew using a chasen brings tranquility to the soul.

Drinking matcha is fully enjoyed with delicate sweetness softening the rich flavor of matcha. Pair your matcha with a Japanese confection, plated on the accompanying wooden plate.

Arrange flowers or greenery in an ikebana-style vase, equipped with a kenzan. This touch of floral artistry adds a layer of tranquility and seasonality, essential to a tea ceremony.

Even the tiniest of decorations can be an expression of your hospitality and attention to detail. 

2. Inside Nishimoto's Matcha Tea Set

Within this set, you'll find all essential tea utensils needed to prepare a perfect cup of matcha.
Included in this set are: a matcha bowl chawan, a natsume, a small wooden plate, a chashaku, a matcha whisk holder, a chasen, a wooden box that holds all the utensils and a furoshiki. Each piece awaits your touch. 

The entire process is a journey in mindfulness, allowing you to engage deeply with the art of tea making. As you hold the matcha bowl, you can feel the warmth of the tea seeping through the lacquered natural wood, adding a tactile dimension to your experience.

Savor the quiet elegance of life's simpler pleasures with a freshly made cup of matcha in an ambience that can be easily crafted whether on a table in your living room or a cozy kitchen space. Uncover the artistry of matcha preparation in each delicate chashaku scoop, the rhythmic stirring of the chasen, and the final enjoyment of an  ippuku, a bowl of fresh, frothy matcha.

Featured Items

Nishimoto Ippuku Matcha Tea Set 

Nishimoto, deeply rooted in the tradition of Yamanaka lacquerware, specializes in the manufacture and sale of lacquerware, tea ceremony utensils, and related accessories. Holding a significant market share in tea ceremony items, particularly matcha bowls, their commitment is focused on making the enjoyment of matcha's taste and ambiance easily accessible, a sentiment that is infused into each of their creations.

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