Table Setting #181
Exquisite Sake Experience with Edo Kiriko Cups

In the fast-paced and bustling rhythm of life, we sometimes find ourselves weary or overlooking the importance of communication with our loved ones. Sharing a drink with someone close after a meal not only fosters deeper connections but also serves as an opportunity for personal relaxation. 

The table setting for this occasion is not only sophisticated but also vibrant, with the addition of colorful, luminous Edo Kiriko sake cups, bringing a lively and warm atmosphere to the dining table. They add a sense of ceremony to our daily lives, enhancing both the aesthetic and the emotional experience.


  • Elegant Eats at an Intimate Table
  • Vibrant Vessels: Edo Kiriko Sake Cup
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Key points of this table setting

1. Elegant Eats at an Intimate Table

The dining table's overall design is composed of a transparent black surface paired with matte gold placemats from Hakuichi, creating an ambiance that's both refined and cute. In our table design, flower-shaped black and white small plates add a touch of elegance. A silver slim long plate from Kaizan Kiln placed on the gold placemat introduces a layered dimension to the table. The inclusion of colorful Edo Kiriko sake cups not only complements the table's transparency but also breathes life into the overall matte setup, making the dining atmosphere more lively and warm.

The artistic vase from ALART with a large round aluminum frame exudes a window-like aura, expanding the visual space of the dining table while also embodying the aesthetic beauty of Japanese Ikebana.

The Matsukan Wakasa lacquerware chopsticks, adorned with traditional bamboo leaf patterns, are in a light and sprightly yellow-green and beautifully complement the colorful Edo Kiriko sake cups. This combination brings a harmonious color scheme to the entire tabletop.

2.  Vibrant Vessels: Edo Kiriko Sake Cups

These Edo Kiriko sake cups are crafted using the Edo Kiriko technique, a method that requires meticulous skills using a cutting wheel to form geometric patterns and lines that reflect light in all directions. These sake cups are handcrafted by master artisans, making every cup unique with excellent light transmission. Light passing through the glass casts beautiful shadows in various colors. Tasting sake from such a cup will bring you immense pleasure.

The detailed patterns crafted on the surface play a fascinating game with light, altering their expressions as the lighting changes throughout the day. In the gentle embrace of natural sunlight, these patterns emit a subtle, delicate glow that draws the observer's eye, as if transforming the ordinary into something magical.

In such a ceremonious yet relaxed environment, spending quality time with those close to you not only provides a respite from your busy life but also deepens your emotional bonds. As the sunlight shifts, the mottled shadows cast by the Edo Kiriko sake cups on the golden placemats vividly capture the passage of time, adding rich, colorful memories to every moment shared. This makes the time you spend together all the more precious and vibrant.

Featured Items

Kiyohide Glass Edo Kiriko Cut Glass Guinomi Sake Cup

Kiyohide, a master in the traditional hand-polishing method, crafts glassware with a captivating shine. A certified Edo Kiriko Cooperative member and renowned craftsperson, Kiyohide offers highly refined, sophisticated crystal glass designs. 

These handcrafted and thoughtfully designed Edo Kiriko sake cups can add more color to your dining table, making it warmer and more lively. Not only are these sake cups aesthetically pleasing, but they are also highly practical. Their texture prevents them from easily slipping from your hand. Moreover, they are suitable for use in all seasons.

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