Table Setting #186 
Tea Tasting in a Soft Spring Atmosphere

As spring arrives, the air infused with the fragrance of blooming flowers, signals a season of warmth and pleasure, creating the ideal ambiance for an exquisite tea tasting gathering. Served with juicy fruits and sweets on Imari Nabeshima ware celadon plates, various teas can be leisurely enjoyed, offering a full sensory experience through sight, smell, and taste. This is sure to be an unforgettable tea savoring moment.


  • Tasting Various Types of Tea
  • Imari Nabeshima Ware — Exquisite Moist Series
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Key points of this table setting

1. Tasting Various Types of Tea

We opted for light hues to establish the dining table's tone, aligning with the season's fresh ambiance. The Kutani Japanese teapot set, adorned with a delicate pale pink sakura design, introduces the spring motif beautifully, complemented by the gold Haku La table coasters, and the Imari Nabeshima ware celadon plates. The golden touches on the table evoke the sun-dappled light filtering through cherry blossom branches, inviting one to relish the delight and charm of the warm weather right at home.

The Kiyomizu ware sauce plate set is used to display an array of teas, making the entire tea-tasting experience more refined and elegant. Each features Mt. Fuji's beauty throughout the various seasons in different hues. Decorated with traditional auspicious Japanese symbols, these plates present a perfect representation of nature and Japanese culture. The colors and aromas of various teas can be intuitively displayed.

This exquisite Japanese teapot set is adorned with hand-painted cherry blossoms and petals caught in the breeze. Rendered in soft hues and embellished with gold leaf, it exudes a sense of sophistication.

2. Imari Nabeshima Ware — Exquisite Moist Series

This side plate crafted in a sakura design with gold decorations is from the Moist series by Hataman Touen. Metallic details paired with the light blue backdrop creates a festive and refined aesthetic. The smooth matte celadon finish offers a gentle feel upon touch, showcasing exceptional artistry. 

This is a small box in the shape of a crane, complete with a lid. The crane's feathers are meticulously crafted to have a strong sense of dimensionality, while the golden beak adds a striking highlight. The crane is an auspicious motif from China, which is well known as a good-luck charm and longevity. With its unique shape, this piece is an eye-catcher on the table. It can be used to hold candies, delicacies or condiments.

The Imari Nabeshima ware from Hataman Touen, featuring charming and refreshing colors alongside exquisite designs, promises to enrich the allure of your dining table. Sharing tea with family and friends in moments of relaxation not only lets you savor the essence of spring but also aids in soothing the mind.

Featured Items

Hataman Touen Moist Series

Hataman Touen is a company that aims to "create a new Nabeshima" while preserving the history and traditional craft of Imari Nabeshima ware, which has continued for 370 years. The classic Nabeshima ware technique is distinguished by a pale blue hue that evokes the misty morning of Okawachiyama. Hataman Touen has embraced the challenge of innovating celadon porcelain with a fresh interpretation, crafting the Moist series that features a matte texture achieved through sandblasting.

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