Table Setting #193
Refreshing Tea Time: Cherry Desserts with Edo Kiriko Cut Glass

Tea time is a cherished ritual across many cultures, and when paired with the elegance of Edo Kiriko cut glass and the delightful taste of cherry sweets, it transforms into an exceptional sensory experience. The intricate designs of Edo Kiriko glassware create the perfect backdrop for the vibrant colors and sweet flavors of cherry treats. Whether enjoyed during a quiet afternoon or a special gathering, this unique combination promises a tea time that is visually stunning and deliciously satisfying.


  • Enjoy Sweets of Seasonal Fruits
  • Aesthetic Edo Kiriko Glassware
  • Featured Item

Key points of this table setting

1. Enjoy Sweets of Seasonal Fruits

As summer arrives and the weather warms, the air fills with excitement for seasonal delights. Enjoying fruits such as juicy muskmelon, ripe strawberries and charmingly delicious cherries becomes a comforting and relaxing pastime. 

The fruit parfait served in the red and black Echizen Lacquerware Serving Tray with Glass Cups, not only beautifully showcases the vivid hues of the fruit but also makes for a convenient treat during tea time. The glossy sheen of lacquer reflects a gentle luster akin to the surface of water, adding an element of elegance to the overall tea time experience.

The Imari Nabeshima Ware small box, with its graceful matte texture, introduces a hint of celadon's distinctive translucency to the table. Its turtle shape, symbolizing longevity in Japanese culture, lends an auspicious feel.

The Edo Hanakiriko Cut Glass Bowl, with its crystal-clear texture and intricately cut designs, pairs wonderfully with the cooling cherry jelly. This transparency evokes the image of ice and visually dispels the sensation of heat. The hand-painted Aizu Lacquerware Dessert Spoon, which emits a soft glow, adds a sophisticated flair and classic appeal.

2. Aesthetic Edo Kiriko Glassware

This Edo Kiriko tumbler, crafted using the Edo Hanakiriko technique, features a delicate carving of Japanese weeping cherry blossoms. The tumblers' pale pink hue is sure to enhance the charm and elegance of any setting. They are designed to showcase the colors and visual appeal of beverages, harmonizing with various tabletop materials while casting beautiful reflections.

Edo Kiriko glassware is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly practical. The tumblers are ideal for serving sake, beer, wine, iced tea, or a parfait. The bowl is particularly suitable for holding fruit, salad, and desserts, allowing one to enjoy delicacies while appreciating the exquisite charm of Edo Kiriko glassware.

Each cut of fruit, with its distinct taste and bursting colors, complements the artistic glassware beautifully, enhancing the overall ambiance of the setting. This combination of traditional glass art and fresh, natural flavors not only captivates the eyes but also delights the palate, making every tea time an occasion to look forward to.

Featured Item

Hirota Weeping Cherry Blossom Edo Kiriko Cut Glass Tumbler Pair

Edo Hanakiriko, a refined Edo Kiriko glass technique, was introduced from England during Japan's Meiji era (1868 CE-1912 CE). It involves an artisan's skill to intricately etch floral designs into glass, using depth and contrast. Hirota Glass, established in Tokyo in 1899, is a venerable manufacturer that blends traditional Japanese glassblowing and Edo Kiriko with modern home decor.

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