Table Setting #23 Authentic Sushi Set with Red Camellia Plate

A sushi set with a beautiful red camellia plate. While using red and white as the base color, gold as accent color is placed to create a sophisticated space with a sense of luxury. The combination of a center plate with a calm tone reminiscent of wabi-sabi gives it a more authentic feel.

This beautiful 13in(33cm) plate with a bold red camellia is the work of Ms. Masako Inoue. She is a Kutani ware artist who creates works based on black and white, which is rare in Kutani ware. She creates a unique view of the world by using scrapings instead of paint brushes. The charm of her works lies in the moist and Japanese expression like ink painting.

A white soy sauce dish in a chrysanthemum shape to match the color of the main plate. The surface has a slight sheen, giving it an elegant look.

For the chopsticks and chopstick rests, I used a Yamanaka lacquerware chopstick set with beautiful gold decoration. It creates a more traditional and gorgeous atmosphere.

This pretty soup bowl are decorated with golden cherry blossoms and have a lid to keep them hot, perfect for entertaining guests. If you want to serve soup with plenty of ingredients, you can change it to a larger size bowl.

The center plate is a long plate with a subdued color that gives a sense of wabi-sabi. It would be nice to put rolled sushi on it.

This plate, on which wasabi is placed, is also good for placing sashimi and other dishes. Match the colors of the center plate to create a sense of unity.

The addition of your favorite sake set makes it more enjoyable. Here we are using Kinzan Kiln sake items, famous for their gold decoration.

Teapots with a wabi-sabi feel also match the atmosphere well.