Table Setting #45
Japanese Set Meal Style With an Unique Soup Bowl From Gato Mikio

Each of Gato Mikio's soup bowls has a unique shape and a strong presence. Just by adding them to your usual table setting, you can create a modern and fresh impression.

The main dish, grilled fish, is served on a gorgeous Hasami ware plate. The vivid patterns on the plate add a special atmosphere to the dining table. The colors used, red, blue, green, white and gold, go well with any dish and are easy to match with other types of tableware. 

This uniquely shaped bowl from Gato Mikio is TSUMUGI KINEGATA. The beautiful grain of the wood blends with the unusual form to create a piece with a strong presence.

For the chopstick rest, I chose the gourd-shaped Hirota Glass Black and Red Gold Leaf Chopsticks Rest. The design with gold enclosed in it is very elegant. The addition of the glass chopstick rest to the porcelain ware and lacquer ware gives the whole table setting a sense of lightness and effortless sophistication.