Table Setting #52
A Brief Tea Break With Kyusu Made Of Tokoname Ware

How about a cup of Japanese green tea for a break? If you use a Tokoname ware teapot to make your regular tea, it will be mellow and delicious.

I chose a Kyusu "Isshin Brown and Red Tokoname Japanese Teapot." The gradation from calm gray to light brown gives a sense of Wabi-Sabi. The tea strainer is made of Ceramesh, which makes it easy to care for and less prone to clogging.

For the teacups, I chose ones made of Mino ware. It has a red rusty color with a luster that is very attractive. The inside is a pale blue-green, so it looks great with the color of the tea. It is light and durable, so it is perfect for daily use. 

I chose a tea canister made by Yatsuyanagi, a cherry bark work manufacturer in Akita prefecture, to store the Japanese tea leaves. The stainless steel interior makes it easy to care for and perfect for everyday use. The texture of the cherry tree bark is beautiful, and it feels lustrous and moist in your hands.