Table Setting #55
Host a Spring Party- Authentic Sushi

Filled with Sakura motifs, this table setting expresses Japanese spring. Why don't you throw a special gathering with a gorgeous Kutani ware Sushi plate?

For the main Sushi plate, I chose a gorgeous Kutani ware with hand-painted Sakura motifs. The wavy shape and high foot are very eye-catching. The delicate painting goes very well with Japanese cuisine and is perfect for sushi, sashimi, grilled fish, and appetizers.

The Hiracle chopstick rest and soy sauce plate set is perfect for a spring party. The Sakura motif and pale colors will add flowers to your spring table setting. Your guests will love the surprise of the Sakura shape that appears when you pour in soy sauce.

For the teacups, I chose Mino ware, which has distinctive delicate lines. It is just the right size to fit in your hand and looks very elegant. It looks great with the color of the green tea. For the saucer, I chose a "Kumiko-zaiku" (a Japanese technique of assembling wooden pieces without the use of nails) coaster to match the long tray of the centerpiece.

A small sea bream plate, available in red and white, was used as a condiment container. Even small plates with distinctive shapes can be used to spice up a playful atmosphere, as long as they matches the theme colors.

This set of sake cups, an indispensable part of sushi, is from the Hanazume series of Kutani ware. The gourd-shaped Sake bottle is very unique and looks gorgeous. A rectangular plate is placed underneath as a tray and set in the center of the table.

In the center of the table, I placed a long tray made of "Kumiko-zaiku". On the top, I used a soy sauce plate and chopstick rests as well as a spoon for amuse-bouche from the same series. By repeating the Sakura motif, you can make the spring theme more impressive.