Table Setting #87
Table for One with Hakuichi

Treat yourself to a special dinner with special tableware on a quiet evening. 
Lacquerware plates and trays from Hakuichi with their simple yet bold designs using gold leaves can make a table-for-one setting the perfect tablescape for a well-deserved relaxing meal.


  • Golden Moon 
  • Matching Gold
  • Transparency of Glass
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Key points of this table setting

1. Golden Moon 

The plates and trays from Hakuichi are so thin you may not recognize that they are made out of wood. For each item, pieces of wood are thinly carved by skilled craftsmen, and then coated with lacquer to bring out the original beauty of the wood grains.
By skillfully applying a gold leaf to the plate, a moon with a faint shadow is beautifully created on to the surface. The delicate application of the gold to express the clouds overshadowing the moon is breathtaking. 

The brown table cloth and the thin table runner is just right as the base for these stunning tableware pieces. The branch overlapping the plate is a nice accent against the dark lacquerware. 

We plated some sesame mix with spinach and carrots, and "chakin" zushi on the Hakuichi lacquer plate. A "chakin" zushi is a type of sushi where flavored sushi rice is neatly wrapped in a thin egg-only pancake. The yellow round shape of the sushi nicely matches the full moon motif of the plate. 

2. Matching Gold 

It's not very often that you get to use gold pieces on the table, so we incorporated other golden furnishings to this set up for added elegance.
Arita Porcelain Lab's Japan Series plate has a matte-finish gold color and is the perfect size to serve a single serving of tempura. 
The golden crane chopstick rest from Hakuichi and the Wakasa lacquerware chopsticks from Issou are an excellent match with the Hakuichi plate.  

3. Transparency of Glass 

Sake is a good match with any sushi dish.
We chose the sake set from Hirota Glass to serve sake at the table with the "chakin" zushi.
The beautiful glass from Hirota adds transparency to the table and doesn't hinder the dark deep shine of the lacquerware. 

Feel the luxury of lacquerware and gold while you enjoy a peaceful dinner sipping aromatic sake. 
A relaxing meal is a wonderful way to reset and recharge after a long busy week. 

Featured items


For most of its nearly 450-year history, Kanazawa gold leaves has been used as a material for Buddhist altars and maki-e (lacquer coating sprinkled with gold powder ). Its value as a craft was recognized in 1975 when Hakuichi, located in Kanazawa,  Ishikawa Prefecture, created a product with Kanazawa gold leaf as its main material. Their vision was to convey the beauty of gold leaves to a wider audience. The products were named Kanazawa Gold Leaf Crafts and at present,  Hakuichi is the only gold leaf manufacturer in Japan that produces and sells gold leaf products.  

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