Table Setting #9 Japanese Modern Celebration

This modern Japanese table setting is a mix of simple tableware and traditional patterned Japanese dishes. The atmosphere is chic but elegant, perfect for a special celebration.
In Japan, there is a culture of eating “celebratory meals” at special occasions such as the birth of a child, the marriage ceremony, longevity celebrations.
On that day, we prepare dishes that are meant to bring happiness and longevity, and the whole family gathers around the table.
Why don't you spend a special time in a dining space with a luxurious atmosphere?

This gorgeous plate features a contemporary style of old Imari patterns. It comes in a set of five plates, so it can be used for everyday use with the family as well as for parties with guests.

The glass is made of Kutani pottery, a traditional craft of Ishikawa Prefecture, combined with a special glass that has been specially processed to look like sleet. The patterns on the base are all hand-painted by artisans.

Just a perfect small box for holding sweets, accessories, spices, etc. The plum blossom is a flower that signals the arrival of spring in Japan, and is an auspicious motif.