Table Setting #106
Lacquerware for Children

Share the warm and soft texture of lacquerware with your little ones using these lovely children tableware items made of Yamanaka lacquerware. 
Decorate the table with cute animal designs to enjoy family meals at home. 


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Key points of this table setting

1.  Lacquerware for Children 

These adorable tableware items are all made of Yamanaka Lacquerware. 

These items have the smooth and shiny signature look of Yamanaka Lacquerware and are made of wood making them approximately one-half the weight of ceramic tableware items. And studies that show lacquer has excellent antibacterial properties which make it a safe material for tableware to be used by babies and children.

This Animal Design Series includes a divided plate for main dishes, a smaller deep plate, a soup bowl and matching spoons and forks. All items come in four different designs of a rabbit, an elephant, a lion or a cat.  
Kids will love using this soup bowl with the cute rabbit blowing bubbles!

The main plate is divided into two sections that will help you serve a well-balanced meal with an appetizing look. The natural brown color of wood that comes through the transparent coat of lacquer goes well with colorful menus as seen in this photo.

The gentle feel of wood and lacquer make the spoon and fork great items for small children. The fork and spoon are shaped to fit comfortably in small hands. And the tip of the fork is rounded for safe use and can also be used like a  spoon.

2. Happiness at the Table  

Items with animal motifs aren't just for children!
Deliver happiness to the table with pieces decorated with lovely animals for adults, too. We chose a Japanese tea cup and rice bowl from Aizen Kiln with this darling rabbit design. A favorite for adults and for children.

These items from Aizen Kiln come in a watercolored pink and blue. The rabbits and other detailed designs are drawn using a technique called "icchin." This is the Japanese word for "slip trailing" a decorative tool where a mixture of clay and water is applied to the surface of an item with a finely pointed dispenser. This adds a raised surface to the smooth coat of the porcelain. Icchin not only adds an artistic texture to an item but also gives a better hold to smooth surfaces.  

We matched the cute rabbit items with a stylish Gatomikio TSUMUGI KOMAGATA Yamanaka Lacquerware Miso Soup Bowl and a MERU Grains Luka Mino Ware Round Plate to serve the main dish for the adult. 
All items are set on a large lacquerware tray for a coordinated look. 

Let children experience the soft and smooth texture of lacquerware from a young age. 
It can be a good way to teach the importance of taking care of the things they use and to have them enjoy the feel of  authentic tableware. 

Featured item

 Yamanaka Lacquerware Animal Design Series Children's Tableware

Have your children experience the warm and soft touch of lacquer with the Animal Design Series children's tableware made of Yamanaka Lacquerware. Delightful drawings of a cat blowing bubbles or a smiley face cat will make these lacquerware items tabletop favorites for your children.

View Yamanaka Lacquerware Animal Design Series Children's Tableware