Table Setting #109
Lacquerware for a Special Occasion

The graceful and lustrous shine of lacquerware makes it a welcomed item for all special occasions. See how lacquerware can upgrade your dining table for celebratory moments at home.


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Key points of this table setting

1. Fine Dining at Home with Lacquerware   

The beauty of lacquerware makes a table setting refined and appropriate for special occasions. Throughout its long history, lacquerware has played its role as an item used for festive occasions and an item to express one's hospitality. It has an almost sacred symbolism. 
The lustrous shine and smooth surface of lacquer give the plated food an added touch of grace. Hence, Jubako bento boxes are decorated with a beautiful lacquer coating. 
The Gingko Leaf Echizen Lacquerware Plate is a wonderful piece to use for festive moments spent at the table. 

The deep red color of lacquerware works wonders for a celebratory meal. This Gold Decoration Yamanaka Lacquerware Soup Bowl's vermillion color and subtle gold lining go well with the chopstick rest and is perfect to serve a special soup like "Ozouni" for the New Year holidays.

2.  Setting for a Celebration  

Carefully chosen plates, soup bowl and cup are elegantly set to celebrate a special occasion. Presentation also plays a large part in the impression of a tablescape.
For a celebration during the New Year holidays, the main dishes of Osechi ryori, the Japanese cuisine served for New Year, can be elegantly plated with garnishes of pine needles, Nandina leaves, along with a yuzu cup filled with pickled daikon and carrots. The stewed vegetables are plated with the colorful carrot in the front. A touch of gold leaf is placed on top of Kuromame(sweet black beans). A little attention to detail can upgrade a table setting and add a festive flair.

Lacquerware has been cherished as a traditional Japanese craft since ancient times. Besides its beauty, it is also quite durable and, when cleaned properly, will last for a long time. Use a lacquerware piece for your next home party or gathering for an added festive elegance and elevate the happy atmosphere. 

Featured items

Echizen Lacquerware Items 

Echizen lacquerware originated around the city of Sabae in Fukui Prefecture, in the northern part of Japan. It is known for its subdued luster and elegant beauty with a history going back more than 1,500 years. Today, Echizen lacquerware represents more than 80% of the lacquerware for domestic food industry and business use. New styles of cutting-edge Echizen lacquerware continue to be released. This is a region that is not only home to centuries of tradition, but also reinventing itself through innovation.

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