Table Setting #113
Cheerful Mimosa Flowers   

Enjoy a delicious pasta lunch on a charming table top blooming with mimosa flowers. Take a break from the cold weather and feel the warm rays of the sun on the bright white shiny surface of Tobe tableware. 


  • Dress Your Table with a Bouquet of Mimosa Flowers   
  • A Pasta Lunch for Two 
  • Featured items

Points of This Table Setting

1.  Dress Your Table with a Bouquet of Mimosa Flowers 

Mimosas with their yellow small fluffy ball-like flowers and lush feathery leaves brighten up this table top and give a refreshing look even during the cold winter weather. 

Today, we opted for a unified look using the Mimosa collection tableware from Higashi Kiln. For traditional Japanese meals, we usually choose plates and bowls with differing styles and colors, but with today's pasta lunch, it seemed that using tableware all decorated with mimosa flowers would be a perfect match. 

We also threw in some flowers in a simple glass vase and set it at the end of the table. Just adding flowers to the table will give height and depth to your table setting, a simple and foolproof tip for any occasion. 

2. A Pasta Lunch for Two  

Higashi Kiln's Mimosa collection offers all necessary items to serve a lovely pasta lunch; a large round plate for pasta, a smaller plate for bread, bowls for individual servings of salad, and a beautiful mug for a generous cup of coffee or tea. We used the largest long deep plate to serve fruit as the centerpiece of the table. 

The pasta we served is an all-time favorite in Japan, "Mentaiko" pasta. The pink color of Mentaiko looks appetizing on the soft colors of the Tobe ware plates. 

To add light and texture to the table, we selected the Hirota Arare Pattern Edo Glass Kobachi Bowls for plating the cut fruit. We dressed the cut fruit with decorative food sticks from Miyabitake, a nice touch making it easy to eat the fruit to freshen your palate.  

Mimosa flowers can bring warmth in the middle of winter. And mimosa flowers on Tobe tableware have a natural feel that brings happiness and light to the table. Enjoy mimosa flowers on smooth white Tobe ware painted with the soft texture of Washi paper with tableware from Higashi Kiln. 

Featured Item

Tobe Higashi Kiln 

Higashi Kiln is famous for their glass-like smooth Tobe ware, and soft and pastel colors like watercolor paintings. Their style is not bound by conventional frameworks of Tobe ware.
The painting is done by female artist, Alyne Ohigashi, who was born in the Philippines and has been involved with creating Tobe ware items for more than 30 years at Higashi Kiln.

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