Table Setting #115
Set The Table for a Relaxing Cup of Japanese Green Tea   

Entertain a guest with this calm and stylish table decor to share a soothing moment with Japanese green tea and sweets. Experience the unique combination of the sleek shine of metal with the organic warmth of wood, stoneware and lacquerware. 


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Key points of this table setting

1.  Simple and Artistic  

The number of items we used were minimal but was enough to lend texture, pattern and form to our table.

Geometric shapes and soft curves join together to create an interesting aesthetic as the round plates and vase soften the sharp angles of the trays and black bases. Proportional spacing of the plates gives the tabletop a relaxed feel. 

To create a soft contrast, we placed the aluminum serving tray from ALART directly on our wooden table. We further highlighted this beautiful setting with trays with wooden handles decorated with USUKIYAKI bowls filled with glimmering gem-like candies.

The combination of aluminum with black lacquerware of the serving tray works as a frame making plum-shaped confectionaries look like tiny works of art. The line of the Wagashi knife adds subtle adornment to the metallic surface of the tray. 

2. Authentic Patterns  

The unique metallic tableware items from ALART entail the feel of  Japanese authenticity with their traditional patterns. 
The pattern imprinted on the serving tray is of hemp leaves, known as Asanoha in Japanese. This geometric pattern is comprised of evenly connected hexagons resembling the shape of hemp leaves. Hemp is a fast-growing and strong plant that reaches maturity in approximately 4 months under ideal conditions. Thus, this pattern represents the wishes for the healthy growth of babies. In Japan, hemp has also been used as a sacred plant in Shinto rituals since ancient times.

The black Tokoname teapot set paired with the ALART tray sets the tone of the tabletop with its serenity and tranquil calm. The creative pattern on the aluminum tray is called "Sayagata" and is an auspicious pattern representing prosperity and longevity of a family. It is a diagonal overlay of the Sanskrit character for Manji (Buddhist cross). This traditional pattern's history dates back to the Edo period and is often seen on kimono fabrics.

The Sayagata pattern of the metal tray against the black base enhance the therapeutic visuals of the hot tea being gracefully poured from the stoneware teapot into the small teacups. 

Whether the sky is filled with dark clouds or fresh green leaves reflect the harsh rays of a hot summer sun, a fresh cup of Japanese green tea may help you find peace of mind and relax. Let tableware items from ALART help you create the perfect chic setting to indulge in a delicious cup of tea. 

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ALART is a brand created by Marushin Kinzoku Kogyo, a company based in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, in 1976. With their long experience in aluminum processing, the company pursued the possibilities of this highly versatile material and created various items from tableware to home decor items.
They hope their products will convey the passion and dedication of all those involved in the manufacturing process and that their products will play a part in helping people connect with one another. Enjoy high-quality craftsmanship and unique creativity with items from ALART.

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