Table Setting #121
Dress Your Table with Colorful Flowers   

Stunning pieces of Kutani tableware that will give your dining table a delightful touch. Featuring gentle and joyful colors, tableware from Atelier Yu will make your mealtimes more pleasurable. Add an extra layer of beauty with vibrant flower-inspired Kutani ware bowls in a variety of sizes. 


  • A Blossoming of Colors with Floral Patterns
  • A Balancing Act
  • Featured items

Points of This Table Setting

1. A Blossoming of Colors with Floral Patterns

Tableware with floral patterns can add a touch of natural beauty to a table. The delicate patterns and gentle hues of flowers offer a beautiful and refined feel, and the floral designs create a cohesive and coordinated look. To give our floral theme an even more vibrant look, we placed some fresh flowers and fresh fruit with decorative food picks.

Floral-patterned tableware items are actually quite versatile. Today, we used a serving bowl and small bowls to adorn the table for a healthy avocado toast lunch, but they can also be used for birthday parties, baby showers and even for a casual wedding party at home. 

2. A Balancing Act  

When using well-defined floral patterns in bright colors, let the flowers on the tableware shine as the centerpiece of the table and use smaller items with the same floral designs as accents within the total tablescape.

Solid-colored napkins, placemats, and plates can help create a balanced look. They will bring the assorted pieces together for a unified design such as the yellow Mino ware round plate and the light blue Mino ware bowl. These items also bring a warmth that only stoneware can deliver.  

Another small item that gives warmth and a balanced texture is the Sunny Spot mug, one of Atelier Yu's popular items. This charming mug will always catch the attention of your guests with its comforting shape and soft lines of the cats at their restful best.

Tableware with flowers is an excellent way to make your table setting special and appealing. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also incredibly versatile. Mix and match them with contrasting textures and solid-colored items to create a distinct atmosphere for a variety of joyful occasions. 

Featured Items

Atelier Yu

At Atelier Yu, female artisans who specialize in Kutani ware painting skillfully decorate items one by one. The artisans work at a studio located by the foot of the sacred Hakusan mountain surrounded by the sounds of nature - a gentle breeze singing its song and birds chirping melodiously. Seasonal flowers and plants can be seen from the window; cherry blossoms in full bloom in the spring, sunflowers in the summer, hydrangeas and bush clovers in the autumn. While focusing on traditional colors called Kutani gosai (five colors), they add a sweetness to their pottery, hoping to bring a smile to everyone who uses them. 
Atelier Yu is delighted to help bring a smile to your dining table.

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