Table Setting #125
Lunch with Cat-loving Friends on Neco Hasami Cat Plates

One of our most popular items is these Neco Hasami Cat plates and bowls. These Hasami ware items are adorable with peaceful sleeping faces of curled up cats painted in clear blue lines of n bright white porcelain. 
Our table setting today is a suggestion on how to use tableware items with distinct designs or motifs to set the theme for a delightful meal. 


  • Feline Fun
  • Highlighting Plates with Designs
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Points of This Table Setting

1. Feline Fun  

Cute cats cover the table for our setting. We used the Neco (meaning "cat" in Japanese) Hasami Cat plates as the side plates for the fried potato slices, and the bowl for the salad. Your guests will get to enjoy the cute kitty cats before the meal starts this way. 
Did you notice the other cats on the table? We served the rice in a cat mold to match the kitty theme of the table. Children will love eating curry with this plating and have fun at the table.

2.  Highlighting Plates with Designs 

Plates with distinctive patterns or designs, although small in size, can make quite an impression on a table. To highlight the cat plates and prevent other items from clashing with the cat designs, we chose solid-colored Mino ware plates for the curry. 

For the salad, we actually opted for a Mino ware ramen bowl. The depth of the bowl and its beautiful indigo color works well to serve a colorful salad with curled carrot strips and halved pea pods. 

Creating a tablescape that expresses the theme you set for a meal can be fun and exciting. Be creative with plate patterns and designs that match your overall theme.
For our setting we chose a curry menu, but if you plan to serve a Japanese-style menu, you may want to serve up a fish menu, and set chopsticks on a decorative chopstick rest with a cat motif. 
Have fun dressing the table with your favorite motifs and set the scene for a fun meal at the table.

Featured Items

Cat Motif Tableware

Having tableware in a cat motif can bring a sense of joy to your dining experiences. Whether you are enjoying meals at home or hosting a themed event, pieces with a cat motif will add a lighthearted touch to your table. 
A cat motif has the unique ability to make a table setting fun and casual, perfect for cat lovers everywhere. The versatility of the design allows them to fit into any environment - making them an ideal choice for any occasion!
With feline-adorned dinnerware, you are sure to add some playful whimsy to any event.

View Cat Motif Tableware