Table Setting #14 Modern Kutani Sake Set

This thin and light, new Kutani sake set, the Hanasaka Series, will surprise and impress you. When combined with Hanasaka plates, the overall effect is a thinner, lighter, more unified table. Glass tableware and gold-painted chopstick rests and chopstick accentuate the elegance and sophistication of the space. This table setting is recommended for those who want to enjoy sake in a luxury atmosphere.

These thin and sturdy sake cups have a beautiful silhouette that is achieved by a deep knowledge of the clay combined with the skill of skilled craftsmen, and surprisingly, each one is hand-turned and painstakingly polished.

The light and smooth texture of the cup makes it possible to enjoy the delicate and rich taste of sake. 

The transparent and modern plate and sake cup set can be used together to enjoy a refreshing sake time.