Table Setting #146
Serene Sunshine: Japanese Teatime in Pastel

A cup of rich green tea can offer a great deal of comfort, even during the hot months. And when paired with delectable Japanese confections, summer teatime becomes an even more special sweet treat.

Here is an inviting teatime table setting perfect for a sunny afternoon. The refreshing pastel green Arita ware with stylish black teaware make for a serene and relaxing stage to soak in the afternoon rays of summer sunshine.


  • Japanese Sweets in a Modern Jubako Bento Box
  • Sip and Savor
  • A Natural Touch with Ikebana Flower Vases
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. Japanese Sweets in a Modern Jubako Bento Box 

Create a refreshing take on an afternoon teatime table with the Arita ware Jubako bento box designed in a soft, matte green hue.

We highlighted the pastel green Jubako bento box with its gentle, muted tone in the center of the table, providing an inviting atmosphere full of whimsy and light. In contrast with the airy color, the matte charcoal black teaware, Ususki ware plates and Ikebana flower vases provide a strong visual weight, giving off an air of modernity and sophistication with their smoky hue. The blend of these colors with a dash of floral panache completes the perfect balance.

Perfect for serving an assortment of delicacies, this modern Jubako bento box accommodates various sizes and amounts. On the plate, which also functions as a lid, sit two delightful "Waka ayu" sweets, skillfully shaped to resemble the form of sweetfish. Use the bowls for fruit or candy pieces, adding variety to your offerings. With just one set, there's enough space to arrange a dessert spread for two.

2. Sip and Savor

The Tokoname ware teapot set combines timeless tradition and modern designs. Sipping umami-filled Gyokuro tea from the intimate-sized teacups invites your guest to savor the tea in small, leisurely sips. 

The refined design of this teapot lends it a relaxing air. Crafted with skill and finesse, this piece allows your guest to relish in the full flavor and exquisite warmth of Gyokuro tea.

3. A Natural Touch with Ikebana Flower Vases  

Adding elements of nature to your table setting can further enhance its appeal. And a small Ikebana flower vase can do just that. These charcoal gray copperware vases with ripple designs on its surface give contrast to the light green of the Jubako bento boxes and the wooden table.

The surface glistens soothingly under the summer sunlight. The tall flowers and greenery give height and a natural touch to the tabletop. The careful arrangement of flowers not only adds aesthetic beauty but also contributes to the tranquil ambiance necessary for a perfect tea experience.

A warm beverage can stimulate the body's natural cooling mechanisms, inducing a sense of calm and refreshing relaxation. Japanese sweets served in the serene aesthetics of a carefully curated summer tea table is nothing short of harmonious elegance. 

Arranging flowers in an Ikebana flower vase and pouring hot green tea into the petite teacups are kind gestures that contribute to the warmth and comfort of your tea table, making it a perfect summer retreat for you and your friend to enjoy.

Featured Items

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