Table Setting #153
The Elegance of Vivid Florals with Kutani Ware

For lovers of refined Japanese aesthetics, the charm of Kutani ware is undeniable. Its rich history and distinctive styles have graced homes for centuries. Among the varied styles of time-honored Kutani ware, the bold and vibrant colors of the Yoshidaya style adds a liveliness and brightness to the table. In today's setting, we incorporated captivating tableware items, accentuated by the bright iconic hues of the Yoshidaya style of yellow, green, blue and purple. It is a table decor surely to impress for an elegant lunch with close friends.


  • Brilliancy of Kutani Ware with the Yoshidaya Style
  • Balancing the Color Palette
  • "Tsuiki" Drinkware
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. Brilliancy of Kutani Ware with the Yoshidaya Style

At the heart of this setting is the distinct Yoshidaya style of Kutani ware. Its vivacious main colors of yellow and green infuse a mature yet spirited brightness, turning the table into an artwork. The clarity of these colors, combined with the meticulously drawn outlines, brings forth a tableau where individual leaves and flowers seem to spring to life. 

The main course is beautifully presented in a two-tiered Kutani ware Jubako bento box, adorned with the quintessential Yoshidaya floral patterns. The brilliant patterns playfully echo the freshness of the meal within. This piece is ideal for showcasing both main dishes and rice dishes on your dining table.

Complementing the main dish in the Jubako bento box are appetizers set on a 9 inch plate with rims in a sunlit yellow. The expansive white area of the plate not only provides a canvas for the colors of the dishes to pop but also offers versatility, making it suitable for a myriad of dishes.

And the small stoneware sauce plate highlights Yoshidaya's signature vivid yellow and green hues with a delicately depicted clematis flower in blue. The subtle hints of exposed clay lend a rustic, back-to-nature feel to the piece.

2. Balancing the Color Palette

The vibrant Yoshidaya style Kutani ware undoubtedly brings a vivid flair to our table setting. However, achieving a balanced color palette requires the addition of elements that provide a more understated, yet equally impactful, elegance. This is where the Magewappa side plates come into play.

Crafted from gently curved Akita cedar, Magewappa reveals a distinct woodworking method that accentuates the wood's natural charm. The lacquerware surface, in tones of calm vermillion and deep purple, provides a harmonious counterbalance to the table's color palette. Each plate possesses a tranquil allure, with its captivating shade against the organic tone of Akita cedar.

3. "Tsuiki" Drinkware

As the table highlights the sophistication of Kutani ware, the drinkware introduces a polished grandeur. The striking Guinomi sake cups from Seigado present a matte metallic sheen that both contrasts and harmonizes with the vibrancy of Yoshidaya Kutani ware.

The hand-worked hammered finish, known as "Tsuiki," imparts a lavish texture. The metal feels upscale and refined, but also retains a touch of softness. Its substantial metal body not only promises durability but also aptly enhances the splendor of the Yoshidaya setting.

Setting a table for a refined luncheon goes beyond just placing cutlery and dishes; it's about crafting an ambiance and an experience. The fusion of the bright Yoshidaya style Kutani ware ensures an afternoon that's not just about food and drinks but also about appreciating exquisite tableware that enhances moments at the table.

Featured Items

Kutani Yoshidaya

The Yoshidaya style is among the most celebrated traditional styles of Kutani ware. Distinctively, it employs a palette of only four colors: yellow, green, dark blue, and purple, with a notable absence of red. This unique technique was pioneered by Yoshidaya Denemon in 1824. A man of considerable wealth, Denemon was renowned for the unparalleled quality of his creations. 

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