Table Setting
#165 Kyoto's Artistry on the Table 

The delicate touch of Kyoto's craftsmanship is beautifully showcased in the table setting for two. Experience the unique charm of handpainted camellias on the warmth of stoneware, and enjoy a lunch for two in style amongst the lush colors of botanical wonder and lustrous shine of lacquerware. 


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Key points of this table setting

1. Amongst the Flourish of Camellias  

Camellias, native to Japan, showcase their modest yet bold presence from winter to spring. Hand-painted camellias on a stoneware canvas with a collage of green hues paint a picture of natural artistry for our intimate counter-top style table setting. With pieces from Tosen Kiln in Kyoto, each stroke of color, each contour of petal and leaf, pays respect to the camellia's timeless beauty. 

The deep red of the dainty flowers in the Yamanaka lacquerware vase and napkins uplift the tone of the table and blend with the slight tones of vermillion in the lacquerware items.  

The rectangular plates add an element of authenticity to the setting, ideal for serving grilled fish and as an individual plate. 

The story of camellias continues, enchanting with every glance, with the matching chopstick rests. In a set of five, each rest depicts a different picture of a camellia's splendor.

Drinking sake will become a truly enjoyable and pleasant experience with the matching drinkware from Tosen Kiln. This uniquely designed katakuchi, with its single spout, lets you pour sake with grace. The wooden handle ups the natural feel of the total design and makes this carafe easy to pour.

2. Boxes of Brilliance 

The sheen of lacquerware, the golden swirls of maki-e decorations, and the stylish handle make this Aizu lacquerware Jubako bento box a wonderful serving item and a stunning centerpiece. The detailed gold depiction of cherry blossoms and maple leaves afloat a calmly flowing river on the lid catches the eye. 

Upon removing the lid, a variety of dishes carefully arranged in the top tier appear with delicious delight, and the bottom tier is generously filled with two flavors of mixed rice. A plentiful course of Japanese cuisine is served upon the table in this gorgeously decorated Jubako bento box making any occasion special.

The camellia design of Tosen Kiln takes the spotlight, showcasing its artistry. Focusing on a single flower, the motif has evolved, with leaves that seamlessly transition from dark to light green, underscoring the vibrant red and pristine white petals. 

Add some Japanese botanical beauty to your table and prepare for pleasant and soul-soothing gatherings to come.

Featured Items

Tosen Kiln 

The Tosen Kiln is consistently striving to improve their techniques and sensitivities. It takes special care in implementing traditional Kyoto craftsmanship and believes that the essence of Kiyomizu ware can be found in the techniques of artist and master potter, Nonomura Ninsei. The kiln preserves Ninsei's steady lathing techniques and lustrous painting styles while adapting them to modern times to express clean lines and warm tones.

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