Table Setting #166 
Kutani Ware's Tribute to Harvest Colors 

In Japan, where the four seasons are vividly distinct, incorporating nature's transition into a tablescape is a cherished aspect of savoring food as much as enjoying the food itself. And as we move into the colder months, we have tailored our table with some warm colors and textures that reflect the season's glory. A gold-outlined large turnip on burgundy, and vividly portrayed berries, both infuse a dining space with a comforting, warm ambiance.

Follow us to enjoy a cozy seafood meal that's all about good and comforting food in a homestyle atmosphere. We've chosen each piece to ensure you delight when preparing your table, reflecting the wonderful shift of the seasons.


  • A Table of Warmth in Color and Flavor
  • Kutani Ware for All Seasons
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Key points of this table setting

1. A Table of Warmth in Color and Flavor

During the cold weather, Japanese homes find solace in the warmth of stewed dishes, rich with umami flavors and tenderly prepared ingredients. Such culinary delights are frequent guests at the dining table, one being buri-daikon, slow-cooked cuts of yellow tail with thick slices of daikon. The Red Turnip Kutani Large Plate becomes a canvas for this winter specialty, elevating the humble stew to a centerpiece delicacy. 

Surrounding this large plate on our dark brown tableau is a harmonious blend of tableware pieces that present an elegant yet homely Japanese dining experience.

The matching turnip-motif Kutani bowl holds a nice crisp salad to refresh your palate.

Each place setting is thoughtfully arranged with an oval-shaped porcelain plate, accompanied by chopsticks graced with traditional Kutani ware patterns. These lie on a gracefully curved chopstick rest, featuring nostalgic floral designs. A stoneware sake cup with subtle gold embellishments completes the ensemble, offering an authentic Japanese ambiance.

2. Kutani Ware for All Seasons

Kutani ware's charm shines through its versatility to match the ambience of all seasons, from the lively freshness of spring to the cozy depths of autumn. The tableware pieces we have selected for this tablescape reflect a deep appreciation for the brisk season of autumn and winter, bringing a slice of the natural world to the table. 

Take a closer look to see how each piece adds to the seasonal theme and graces the table. 

The hand-drawn turnip is an eye-catching design and stands out on the table with its artful depiction in gold.  The deep red color on Kutani porcelain is soothing and delivers an inviting heartiness.

The individual plates will be a joy to set on the table, not only with their charming rippled rims, but also with their berry designs, in five different variations. The red gooseberry branch variation, created with leaves true to their natural shape, adds dots of autumnal hues.  

The ornamental garden huckleberry bears small hanging berries in a vibrant blue. The slight yellow hints at the changing seasons. 

This Kutani ware sake set, featuring a golden moon and rabbit — symbols of autumn in Japan — is adorned with the iconic kinsai technique using hand-applied gold leaf, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship. 

Kutani ware is the quintessence of a versatile table setting, perfect for any season. With its rich array of designs and colors, it easily adapts to the annual cycle, elevating your dining experiences. As we approach the colder seasons, we hope that you will introduce new colors and exquisite artistry of Kutani ware to your table, discovering a newfound joy in the ritual of setting the table.

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Kutani Ware

Kutani ware, a pottery tradition hailing from the Kaga region of Ishikawa Prefecture, boasts a rich history spanning over 350 years. Renowned for its vibrant, deep colors of green, yellow, red, purple, and navy blue, Kutani ware is distinguished by its bold, assertive lines. This enduring art form has flourished through the dedicated innovation and passion of artisans committed to preserving its heritage.

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