Table Setting #175
Chirashi on Sometsuke   

The beauty of Seto ware porcelain is showcased in our table setting, featuring a delightful combination of chirashi on charming plates from SINGAMA. This tablescape, accented by crisp white with artful lines in blue, and dashes of color, eloquently expresses the subtle shift from winter's chill to spring's warmth. Explore a spread that highlights the allure of sometsuke, marrying modern sophistication with timeless appeal.


  • Sometsuke with Colors
  • The Fine Brushstrokes of SINGAMA
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Key points of this table setting

1. Sometsuke with Colors

At our table lies the beautiful arrangement of Seto sometsuke ware. The bright white of the porcelain set against the vivid hues of each dish crafts a tablescape that exudes pristine and contemporary refinement. The main dish, the vibrant chirashi, strikes a vivid contrast against the Blue and White. 

Complementing the main course, a small serving of sashimi is presented on the side, its freshness and color heightened by the porcelain's white backdrop. Accompanying the dishes, the Toso Arita Sake Set, is selected for an enjoyable sake-savoring experience. 

An enduringly popular dish in Japanese cuisine is chawanmushi, and at our table, it is served in petite Arita ware chawanmushi bowls. This silky, dashi-rich steamed egg custard pairs exquisitely with the smooth touch of Yamanaka lacquerware spoons, enhancing the delicate flavors and textures with every spoonful.

Adding a playful touch to the ensemble are colorful fried fish balls, sprinkled with bubu-arare. The sakura petal chopstick rests herald the arrival of a new season.  

2. The Fine Brushstrokes of SINGAMA 

The Seto ware plates from SINGAMA, poetically named youmyaku or "leaf veins" represent a beautiful blend of tradition and innovation. The delicate, playful lines of these plates complement any dish, bringing a touch of whimsy to the table. Carefully painted by hand, the fine lines of gosu blue are truly breathtaking and are an expression of meticulous craftsmanship.

Traditional dishes such as sashimi are given a modern makeover, and the simplicity of SINGAMA's designs accentuate the dish's freshness.

These Blue and Whites eloquently present a menu thoughtfully curated to welcome a season filled with gentle warm breezes and blossoming flowers. To learn more about sometsuke, visit our blog post What is Sometsuke? and explore the captivating world of this blue-and-white art form. 

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Founded in 1919, SINGAMA is a pottery studio located in the northeastern part of Seto City named Shinano of Aichi Prefecture. The pottery is made from high-quality Seto clay and adorned with indigo Seto sometsuke, displaying soft and delicate patterns and a simple yet charming design. The dishes, brimming with the warmth of craftsmanship, add a comforting touch to everyday life.

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