Table Setting #177
Setsubun: Celebrating Japan's Unique Springtime Festival

Setsubun, a day steeped in age-old traditions and rich beliefs, remains widely celebrated in Japan. Known for its distinctive rituals and lively atmosphere, this day beckons us to enjoy its essence with a colorfully adorned table setting, capturing the symbol of new beginnings and auspicious practices.


  • Traditions of Setsubun's Delight
  • Soul-warming Yamanaka Lacquerware Soup Bowls
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Key points of this table setting

1. Traditions of Setsubun's Delight  

In Japan's traditional lunisolar calendar, Setsubun is celebrated as the day before risshun, the first day of spring. Heralding the arrival of the start of a new year, it has become a special occasion in Japanese homes, marked by unique practices aimed at banishing evil spirits and inviting good fortune. For more on Setsubun, read our journal All About the Setsubun

Our table, prepared for this festive event, displays stunning hanazume-designed tableware, lush lacquerware and pristine wood grains with the sumikiri Japanese ash wood tray. 

The floral hanazume designs of Kutani ware infuse our table with a burst of color and an air of elegance, echoing the freshness of spring. 

And the standout dish of our Setsubun feast is the eho-maki, a unique, futomaki sushi roll. This culinary tradition, enjoyed in silence while facing a fortunate direction, is believed to seal in good luck. The auspicious direction varies annually, with this year's being east northeast. One of our popular Hasami ware plates, designed in the shape of a chrysanthemum, is perfectly sized for a single serving of sushi. 

Presented on a glimmering red lacquerware tray is our centerpiece of festive decorations; an artful arrangement of roasted soybeans in a traditional wooden masu, complemented by enchanting masks. This display captures the essence of Setsubun in a manner that is both playful and respectful.

2. Soul-warming Yamanaka Lacquerware Soup Bowls 

Another exquisite addition that graces our Setsubun table setting is the Yamanaka lacquerware soup bowls. These exquisite Japanese soup bowls are adorned with a delicate sakura blossom motif. The foot of the bowls display the natural wood grains of the base, exuding an organic charm that adds warmth and rustic appeal to our spread.

Perfectly sized for serving traditional Japanese soup dishes like our beloved tsumire-jiru, these bowls become an integral part of our Setsubun celebrations. The clear dashi-soup is accompanied by homemade fish balls and a beautifully cut slice of carrot. Savoring the comfort of a steaming bowl of soup is an essential delight of the season.

In the depths of winter, the joyful celebration of Setsubun signals that spring's warmth is just around the corner. This time-honored seasonal affair, filled with delicious menus, bean-throwing, and laughter, ushers in a sense of renewal. Invite a family member or friend, and gather around a table where traditional Japanese festival charm is reimagined for today's enjoyment, offering an enchanting experience.

Featured Items

Yamanaka Lacquerware 

Yamanaka lacquerware is a type of lacquerware produced in the Yamanaka Onsen (hot spring) district of Kaga, Ishikawa prefecture. Known for its exquisite wood texture, Yamanaka lacquerware seamlessly combines delicacy and sturdiness. It continues to evolve, embracing modern design elements while upholding a tradition that spans 400 years.

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