Table Setting #178
An Enchanting Japanese Tea Party with Kutani Stoneware

If you're looking to spend a delightful afternoon with friends, cradling a warm cup of Japanese tea, our Japanese tea party table is perfect for such moments. Vibrant, large stoneware teacups bring a warm feel to our spread, complementing it with a bouquet of colors. Why not embrace the opportunity to warm up and unwind with this cozy setting, especially during those brisk, early days of spring?


  • A Japanese Tea Party of Warmth and Sharing
  • Choose Your Cup of Tea
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Key points of this table setting

1. A Japanese Tea Party of Warmth and Sharing

At the heart of our tea party is the Japanese stoneware teacups, each awaiting to embrace your freshly brewed tea. In keeping with the authentic Japanese theme, we've adorned each setting with mini tatami mats, introducing a natural, earthy essence that is both welcoming and steeped in tradition. The tatami-like texture creates a serene and inviting ambiance, and the elegant confectionery box for sweets adds a sophisticated touch.

Next to the small plates adorned with Kaga mizuhiki designs is a magnificently crafted teapot from Kyoto's Tosen Kiln immediately capturing the eye with its hand-drawn tokusa motif and delicately handwoven handle.

As everyone enjoys their tea, and conversations unfold at the table, introduce other tea accompaniments prepared earlier to add even more zest to the lively chats. For the presentation of seasonal fruits, we feature a handcrafted kumiko serving tray. Its intricate geometrical patterns provide a stunning display of beauty with functionality.

2. Choose Your Cup of Tea 

Crafted by the masterful artisans of Kokuzo Kiln, these Japanese teacups come in over twenty distinct varieties. They showcase overflowing patterns and colors on the warm texture of the clay. The hand-painted patterns rendered in fresh hues like pink and bright blue, reflect the beauty of Japanese culture and unveil a novel charm. 

Held gently in one's hands, these teacups are a marvel of design that captivates and invites endless admiration. Their presence adds a touch of vintage elegance, turning the simple act of holding them into an experience onto itself.

As you plan your next gathering with friends, consider embracing our Japanese tea party theme, featuring generously-sized Kutani teacups and other meticulously selected table items that tell a story of craftsmanship and heritage. Invite your loved ones to join and treasure the moments where a lovingly curated table, a heartwarming cup of tea, and the best of company converge into an unforgettable experience.

Featured Items

Japanese Teacups - Kutani Kokuzou Kiln 

"Pottery is Part of Our Life"
Beautiful colors, gorgeous designs, and rich texture. Kokuzou Kiln has been striving to craft pottery that is not only beautiful to look at but also enjoyable to use, enriching your heart just by holding it. Their kiln is located at the foot of Mt. Kokuzo in Ishikawa Prefecture. The name "Kokuzou Kiln" is derived from that of a bodhisattva, known for possessing vast and boundless wisdom and virtue akin to the void (the earth). True to their name, Kokuzou Kiln aims to create pottery that embodies relaxation and beauty.

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