Kokuzou Kiln Vermilion Flower Kutani Yunomi Japanese Teacup

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This teacup features a predominantly subdued crimson, delicately outlined with fine white lines to form intricate floral patterns. Contrasting, vibrant green colors are skillfully employed to depict leaves within the floral gaps, while touches of blue and bright yellow embellish the heart of the blossoms. The entire cup exudes the warm, vibrant essence of spring.

Kokuzou Kiln, known for gentle and warm stoneware with beautiful colors and elegant design, continue to create everyday tableware into something more special. This craftsmanship, known as Kutani ware, has been highly popular since the Meiji era (1868 CE – 1912 CE), both domestically and internationally.

This teacup is meticulously handcrafted, undergoing 12 to 14 steps before it graces us. The floral pistil motifs on the cup's surface are painted last, and the intricate firing process imparts a textured charm, infusing the cup with vitality.

The size of this teacup is 320 ml (10.8 oz)  just right to be cradled by two hands. After a busy day's work or life's challenges, the warmth of the hot coffee slowly seeps through the rounded cup walls, spreading into the palms, and eventually, this comforting warmth flows into your heart, dispelling all weariness. 

Unlike ordinary cups, the rim of this teacup features graceful curves, adding an extra layer of enjoyment during use. Inside the cup, there is a continuous, silky ring of red lines adorned with the same blue and bright yellow dots as those on the cup's outer surface. When using this cup to savor matcha, these little dots come to life as you swirl the cup, offering us a uniquely delightful experience.

This teacup holds many more surprises within. There are inconspicuous black and pink spots on the inside, and it is these randomly occurring dots that give the cup its unique personality. Furthermore, this teacup exhibits excellent water absorption, and over time, after repeated use for enjoying coffee or tea, the cup's interior develops subtle, varying marks, akin to the rings of a tree, recording the passage of time and the moments this cup has shared with us.

You may find small pink spots known as gohonde on the surface of this item. The iron in the material creates natural spots after being fired in the kiln. The appearance of gohonde actually expresses that the item has been properly fired, and its precious beauty is highly regarded amongst craftsmen.   
Please enjoy the beauty of gohonde as a unique feature of this item.


  • Dimension: D 10 cm (3.9 in) x H 8 cm (3.1 in)
  • Capacity: 320 ml (10.8 oz)
  • Material: Stoneware - Kutani ware
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Brand: Kokuzou Kiln