Table Setting #184
Spring's Tea Time with Magewappa Bento Boxes

In Japan, daily life and culture are imbued with a delicate awareness of the changing seasons. As we welcome the onset of spring, when all things revive, tender buds begin to appear on branches, and the earth slowly sheds the desolation of winter. There is no better time than now to enjoy tea time with magewappa items from Akita, experiencing and appreciating the enchanting allure of a new season.


  • Decorating with Soft Shades of Green
  • The Present from Nature: Magewappa
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Key points of this table setting

1. Decorating with Soft Shades of Green

The overall color scheme, featuring white and muted verdant hues, perfectly matches the fresh ambiance of spring. Complementing this tableau are the magewappa candy box and bento boxes, whose smooth, textured wooden surfaces add a natural and harmonious feel. Additionally, as they are crafted from Akita cedar, they emit a subtle cedar scent, creating the sensation of being amidst a forest.

An array of wagashi, the cherished treasures of Japanese confectionery, grace the circular canvas of the Mino ware plate from MERU. The plate's gentle dusty green elevates the beauty of each wagashi gem and creates a symphony of artistry and tradition.

The exquisite, translucent Mino ware Japanese tea cup, beautifully captures the essence of Japanese tea, and makes drinking from it a visually engaging and an enjoyable experience.

2. The Present from Nature: Magewappa

The magewappa candy box, meticulously crafted from Akita cedar, boasts a sleek and simple design that preserves the natural texture of wood, giving it a sophisticated and high-quality feel. Lightweight yet durable, and featuring a lid to maintain the contents' freshness, this box is ideally suited for a multitude of daily purposes.

Within this candy box lies uguisu-mochi, a wagashi resembling the bush warbler, uguisu, in both shape and soft colors. This treat, encased in tender mochi with red bean paste, is dusted with green soy powder for a distinctive finish. Its soft green contrasts beautifully against the cedar surface of the magewappa box, enhancing its visual appeal.

Carefully bent into the elegant shape of a plum blossom, this magewappa bento box is a versatile piece for serving both sweet and savory selections. Its urethane coating not only allows it to accommodate cooked dishes and brightly colored foods like these vivid red strawberries, but also ensures easy care and cleaning.

Its two-tier design provides generous room to arrange an assortment of snacks and treats, making it ideal for a delightful tea time shared between two.

Observing the changes in our surroundings and landscapes brings us joy. Savoring fresh green tea as spring unfolds deepens our appreciation for the beauty of nature and provides a serene moment of relaxation. Welcome the season with a tea gathering among friends and family.

Featured Items


Odate's magewappa crafts are fashioned from Akita cedar, a wood that's distinctive to the natural surroundings of Akita Prefecture, and are meticulously handmade by skilled craftspeople employing age-old techniques that trace back to the inception of the magemono technique in Japan. The art of magewappa, which involves bending wood, has been a tradition in Odate City, Akita Prefecture, for over 1,300 years. 

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