Table Setting #195 
Summer's Charm: Dining in Hydrangea Colors

As the rainy season falls upon Japan, the air grows thick with moisture, enhancing the vibrancy and color of the landscapes. Hydrangeas are the quintessential flowers that bloom during this time. Their abundant gentle hues and various shapes are cherished by many, perfectly captured in this elegant table setting. The soothing colors of hydrangeas dominate, evoking a sense of calm and grace. Embracing the serene beauty of the rain, each element is thoughtfully chosen to reflect the charm of early summer.


  • Lush Elegance in the Summer Rainy Season
  • Feeling the Cool Vibe with Tableware Tapestry
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. Lush Elegance in the Summer Rainy Season

In Japan, from May until mid-June, the rainy season, known as tsuyu, sets in from south to north, excluding Hokkaido. During this time, refreshing dishes become very popular such as our crisp vegetable and chicken salad topped with a clear dashi jelly and grape jelly mirroring the beautiful blue and purple hues of hydrangeas. The blue-themed tablecloth and tableware enhance these dishes, providing a delightful escape from the warm, moist atmosphere of the season.

A blend of various dinnerware items, including contemporary Edo glass, sleek Mino ware plates, and beautifully tinted Kutani ware, all contribute to enhancing the table design with colors, texture, height, and patterns. A treat for your guests to appreciate as they relish the delicious dishes they contain.

2. Feeling the Cool Vibe with Tableware Tapestry

The round Mino ware plate from Hibino features a unique pattern reminiscent of underwater bubbles. This design not only highlights the cuisine but also evokes the refreshing sensation of the ocean. The Ukiyo Kutani soup bowl, by Kinzan Kiln, boasts a dreamy gradient of blue infused with gold accents. The spectrum of colors expands one's imagination.

The Arare pattern Edo glass round plate, made of highly transparent glass, features a charming plum blossom design at its center. The arare pattern refers to the design of large and small dots arranged in rows, traditionally used on cast iron kettles. Its impression likens the delicate shape of water droplets, perfectly complementing the ambiance of the season.

The Hibino Land Blue Mino Ware Round Plate, used to serve the main dish, is adorned with shades of blue. Sitting at the table, you almost hear the sound of waves crashing against the shore. 

The hydrangea hues, reminiscent of tranquil rains, stir feelings of grace. Each element harmonizes with the beauty of the season, offering a lingering sense of tranquility and charm. As we enter the rainy season, let this table setting inspire moments of refreshing elegance in every gathering.

Featured Item

Kinzan Kiln

Established in 1906, Kinzan Kiln has been producing Kutani ware for over a century. Renowned for its mastery in kinsai, the art of glaze painting with gold, the kiln excels in this traditional technique. Alongside these time-honored methods, Kinzan Kiln continues to explore innovative approaches and materials. By blending tradition with innovation, it consistently creates vibrant, new expressions of Kutani ware.

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