Table Setting #201
An Illuminating Summer Tea with Lantern Plants

In early July, the Asakusa district comes alive with the vibrant Hozuki Market at the iconic Senso-ji Temple. This beloved tradition, dating back to the Edo period (1603 CE–1868 CE), heralds the arrival of summer. Inspired by this time-honed event, our table setting embraces the spirit of the season, presenting a tea gathering with colorful hozuki, lantern plants, that combines a relaxing ambiance with delectable snacks and refreshing tea.


  • Enjoy Leisure in a Traditional Ambience
  • Time-honored Beauty from Rinkuro Kiln
  • Featured Item

Key points of this table setting

1. Enjoy Leisure in a Traditional Ambience

Every year on July 9th and 10th, Senso-ji Temple is the venue for the summer Hozuki Market. On this day, hozuki, bursting with color, are sold as auspicious charms for warding off bad luck.

We recreated the beauty and joy of this seasonal affair with our tea party, featuring the beautiful Rinkuro Kiln Old Imari Sakura Hasami Round Plate and the chic Arita Porcelain Lab Black Line Conic Modern Jubako Bento Box.

The rustic Bizen Ware Crane Neck Flower Vase further enhances the table setting, adding a touch of texture.

The exquisite Gold Leaf Lacquerware Flat Plate by Hakuichi is adorned with a delicate image of a moon in gold leaf, creating a striking modern contrast against the romantic backdrop of a night sky. The Kenji Marble Pattern Tokoname Japanese Teapot Set, on this plate adds a lightness to the table design with its natural white hue and airy stoneware feel.

Inside the black porcelain Jubako bento box, in its unique conic shape, are refreshing summer cucumber appetizers, a creamy potato appetizer, and colorful snacks, combining aesthetic appeal with practicality.

The natsume matcha container, crafted from glass covered with shimmering gold leaf, is decorated with a wave pattern that resonates with the refreshing summer theme. Its depth and neat size make it an ideal choice for desserts like our chilled peach jelly.

2. Time-honored Beauty from Rinkuro Kiln

The Rinkuro Kiln Old Imari Sakura Hasami Round Plate is shaped like a chrysanthemum and adorned with delicate white sakura blossoms. Chrysanthemums, with their rich cultural significance, and sakura, Japan's beloved cherry blossoms, create a harmonious blend of tradition and beauty. Enhanced with gold accents, they bring a refined sophistication to the entire table setting.

Ningyoyaki is a popular snack sold in confectioneries near Senso-ji Temple. Sweet red bean paste fills a sponge cake molded into the faces of the seven deities of good fortune. The other seasonal delight is minazuki, a triangular Japanese confection made from a soft white jelly known as uiro, topped with red bean paste. This treat is perfect for even the hottest of summer days.

In this tea gathering, we embrace the serene ambiance of summer intertwined with cherished traditions and the timeless enjoyment of Japanese green tea. Delight in the harmony of flavorful summer snacks and soothing tea. 

Featured Item

Hasami Rinkuro Kiln

Established in 1968, Rinkuro Kiln brings 400 years of tradition into a unique style and high-quality pottery. Known for their timeless sometsuke, elegant old Imari, and balanced some-nishiki, they fuse traditional and modern aesthetics. In recent years, they have focused on creating tableware that bridges Japanese and Western styles, reflecting contemporary trends.

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