Table Setting #48
New Year's Greetings with Japanese Sweets! 

For the New Year's greetings, let's arrange a lot of Japanese sweets to welcome your guests in a bright manner. It's fun to choose sweets of their favorite while enjoying a cup of delicious Japanese tea! 

Before your guests arrive, set out the Japanese sweets in the "Jubako" Bento box. This "Jubako" is the most traditional design of Aizu lacquer ware and is very gorgeous with auspicious motifs. It is just the right size to hold small side dishes in addition to Japanese sweets, or to hold small items such as accessories. 

When you open the box, you will find beautiful Japanese sweets perfect for the New Year. Japanese sweets come in various shapes and colors, so it is fun to enjoy the tea while talking about this and that.

For the teapot, I chose Nambu Ironware's Seven Stars. The color is rare for Nambu ironware, and the star engraving is beautiful. The light color makes it easy to coordinate throughout the year.

For the teacups, I chose Mino ware with a beautiful crystalline glaze. The thin, minimalistic form fits well in the hand. It is recommended for hot tea as well as cold tea. For the coaster, I chose Yamanaka lacquer's square shape. It fits a wide variety of teacups and is perfect for entertaining your guests. 

For each person's plate, I chose a round plate made of bamboo. These plates are reversible, so you can choose one that suits your table setting. It is also perfect for putting small items or as a base for a flower vase.

I chose an Aizu lacquerware vase with a Sakura motif painted on it. A set of two boards, also made of Aizu lacquer, can be placed under the vase as you like. The vase is tall and stable, so arranging tall flowers such as branches, lilies, and roses will make the atmosphere of the room more colorful.