Table Setting #49
Can't Wait For Spring! Tea Party With Spring Colors

Throw a tea party with a table setting in fresh, clear, spring colors! A set of teapot sets with a beautiful gradation that shifts from pale light blue to yellow will create a refreshing atmosphere.

Enjoy Japanese tea with your guests with a beautifully colored teapot set made of Kutani ware. The gorgeous design with gold leaf on it is perfect for welcoming guests with your hospitality. The inside of the teacup is transparent white, so you can enjoy the color of the tea, making it taste even better. The lid also helps to keep the tea warm.

A lovely small plate with a floral pattern painted in pale tones over a gradation that shifts from bright blue to soft light blue is perfect for placing small sweets on. The white buns with plum blossoms branded gives a spring-like feel and will be a good conversation starter.

The single-flower vase depicting rhododendrons and sparrows is decorated with early-blooming cherry blossoms. The pale pink and brown colors tie together the overall theme and colors of the spring.