Table Setting #50
Casual Spring Tea Ceremony "Table Tea Ceremony"

Enjoying Matcha green tea at a table is called "table tea ceremony". With lovely Japanese sweets and flavorful Matcha green tea, you can casually have a fun tea party anywhere. It would also make a wonderful presentation when entertaining guests. 

A plate with Japanese sweets and three teacups were placed side by side in the center of the table. Each teacup has a different design on it, so it's fun for guests to choose their favorite teacup to use!
The overall color scheme is a light, spring-like tone.

Each of the three teacups is made by Kokuzou Kiln. They are tastefully painted with lovely Japanese flowers such as Sakura or Camellia. They have a unique round shape and fit gently in the hand when held with both hands.

The Japanese sweets are placed directly on a long plate of "Kumiko-Zaiku", a Japanese technique of assembling wooden pieces without the use of nails. This plate has an acrylic plate inlaid on top, so it is easy to care after use. In addition to use as a plate, it can also be used as a stand to put small plates on. By adding height to the center of the table, you can give the table setting to spatial and three-dimensional effect.