Table Setting #51
Modern-Style Tea Time

This table setting has a modern look with a stylish Aizu lacquered vase as its main feature. The use of a traditional Kutani ware teapot set creates a special atmosphere.

In the center of the table, I placed a unique vase made of Aizu Lacquer stand and glass cylinder vases. With three flowers in it, the tabletop will be all the more gorgeous. Since it is not too tall, it is just the right size to be placed in the center of the table, making it easy to have a conversation with others. 

I chose a teapot set that depicts ”Satoyama”, a traditional Japanese landscape, in the style of ink painting. Underneath the beautiful golden clouds, there are scenes of old Japanese houses and rich nature. Enjoy a relaxing time while looking at the beautiful designs.

For the sweets, I layered a round Miyabitake plate on top of a round Hanasaka plate to create a more modern look. I added a Miyabitake fork in a beautiful shape, which is perfect for eating Japanese soft sweets.