Table Setting #61
Early Summer Tea Ceremony with a Tokoname ware Teapot Set

Enjoy a special cup of tea with an authentic tea set made of Tokoname ware with its beautiful red clay color.

The highest quality "Kyusu", Tokoname ware teapot set for the supreme tea time.

The Tokoname ware teapot set made of red clay looks very authentic and elegant. I decorated it on a stand to make it a key feature of the table setting. The cups are made with thin rims so that the delicate taste of tea can be easily conveyed.

Seasonal Japanese sweets inspired by early summer are placed on a square plate made by Kokuzou Kiln. The combination of the natural texture of the fabric and the delicate and lovely painting is very attractive. The warped shape creates unique shadows on the table and gives the impression of three-dimensionality and dynamism.

For the dessert plate, I chose a small plate from the same Kokuzou Kiln. The design of "Mizuhiki", the knot decoration, is perfect for Japanese sweets. For the "Mizuyokan(red bean jelly)", I used a sake cup made of Hirota glass to create a cool, early-summer atmosphere.

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Fugetsu Red Clay Tokoname Japanese Teapot Set

Tokoname ware has been produced for over 1000 years. This teapot set is made of red clay with a traditional technique that has been handed down from generation to generation. The set comes complete with a teapot, five teacups, a water jug, and a cleaning cloth, so you can enjoy a fine cup of tea in no time. The set is packaged in a paulownia wood box, perfect for a special gift.

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The secret of the flavorful taste of tea brewed in a Tokoname ware teapot

A Tokoname ware teapot is called "a Kyusu to nurture." It is the result of a combination of fine clay and advanced craftsmanship in teapot making. It is a tea utensil that anyone can easily brew a cup of delicious tea and that will become a part of your daily life.

After many years of use, the teapot's color and luster will improve and it will become a one-of-a-kind item with its own unique appearance. Enjoy your tea time with a Tokoname ware teapot as if you were nurturing it.

With "Sasame", no need for a metallic tea strainer.

Designed to make tea without the use of a metal tea strainer, this Japanese teapot allows you to brew delicious tea to the last drop by simply placing tea leaves and pouring hot water in the it.

The very delicate ceramic tea strainer, called a "Sasame," is an integral part of the body of the teapot. Unlike a metal tea strainer, the tea leaves open evenly and finely in the teapot, allowing all the components of the delicious tea to be extracted. Since there is no unnecessary metallic smell and no unwanted taste, the original flavor of the tea can be tasted. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about tea leaves clogging up the tea strainer as if using a metallic tea strainer. This teapot is easy to clean and stress-free.

The "Futasuri" technology that steams tea leaves properly.

"Futasuri" is the process of polishing the lid and body together to make them adhere closely, and is one of the techniques used in making Tokoname ware teapot. The most surprising thing about using a Tokoname ware teapot is the tight fit of the lid. The lid fits perfectly, allowing the tea leaves to steep sufficiently to brew a delicious cup of tea.

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