Table Setting #69
Create a festive mood for your tea party with Arita ware!

Use your imagination to create a painting-like arrangement with the square plate by Arita ware Kaizan Kin. 

Try your hand at artistic table setting with a combination of the "Sikumi" and "Musubi" series, which are fun to mix and match.

The "Musubi" series from Arita ware Tasei Kiln is based on the traditional Japanese charm of the "Ume (plum)" knot. The unique shape is eye-catching. The thin lines that appear on the white, transparent Arita ware are very elegant, and they are very useful as plates for serving sweets and other dishes. It is a festive design perfect for party occasions. It is available in three colors, gold, silver, and red, so it is hard to decide which color to use.

On top of a large plate from the Sikumi series by Kaizan Kiln, small plates with "Chidori(plover)" designs are arranged. Please enjoy arranging them freely as if you were painting on a canvas.

The Sikumi series of square plates have beautiful patterns engraved by skilled craftsmen and look like works of art.Isn't it exciting just to think about the combination with your small plates and small bowls?

For the extra plates, I chose a plate from the "Musubi" series. It is designed with traditional Japanese knot motifs, so it is perfect for Japanese sweets.

For Sencha green tea, I chose Mino ware teacups that shine like the Aurora. The saucers are made of Yamanaka lacquer ware and the forks are made of wild cherry bark work. By matching the accessories in dark brown, a calm and elegant style is created.

For the tea canister, I chose a stylish bicolor design of Sakura and Japanese cypress. The light tones of cypress's gentle hues blend well with the table setting. The handmade warmth and elegant luster unique to wild cherry bark work have a one-of-a-kind presence. We hope you will try the smoothness and comfortable feeling of opening and closing the lid. Please give it your love and affection for a long time as your tea time companion.

For the Kyusu Japanese teapot, we chose Isshin's Tokoname ware with beautiful gradation. Isshin is a kiln that specializes in modern teapot that make the most of the clay characteristics. This teapot is made using the "Yakishime" technique, which is the very essence of Isshin. Because it is not glazed, it has a slight rough texture, and the uneven surface absorbs excess impurities, making it possible to brew delicious tea without any off-flavor.Just knowing such a little trivia can make your ordinary tea special.

For the vase, we chose a single-flower vase with a "Hanazume(full of flowers)" design by Kutani ware. It is a gorgeous design with a lot of floral motifs painted on it, and it will give accent to your table setting. It is a traditional Kutani ware pattern and a very popular design.

It is beautiful not only as a vase for a single flower, but also as an interior decorative item as a work of art. It is small enough to fit in both hands, so it can be used not only on the dining table but also on a small shelf.

Featured Product

Tasei Kiln Product Series

The charm of Tasei Kiln's products is in their unique, simple, and easy-to-use designs, as well as in the delicate colors used in their painting. There is a series of products that will brighten up your tabletop.

Their "Musubi" series is designed perfectly for celebratory occasions, inspired by the auspicious and traditional Japanese craftwork called “Mizuhiki”. There are designed to be simple yet elegant, and will go well with any other table setting.

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