Table Setting #71
Celebrating The Arrival Of Autumn With Usuki Ware 

 After a long summer filled with bright and energetic colors, you might be ready to change the tone with more chic and warm palettes for the autumn season.
 Match our Usuki collection tableware with the earthy colors of autumn, and get ready for the cool weather.
 Here are some ideas and tips to help you prepare an autumn themed table for a cozy gathering with friends and family.


  • Mixing Colors 
  • Dress Up A Simple Salad With A Usuki Oval Plate 
  • Add Candles and Wine Glasses for Vertical Rhythm  
  • Keep It Casual with Natural Textures
  • Presentation Is The Key 
  • Featured Item

Points of This Table Setting

1. Mixing Colors 

 We used a bordeaux colored cloth over a silver cloth with a bit of glitter to give the table an elegant and decorative look. Make the color proportion interesting by placing the second cloth with an arrow-like shape with the corner.

 Earthy textured plates in black and white have a very distinctive presence on the table, but actually can be a bit tricky to use because of their distinct color contrast and can sometimes seem cold and inanimate. The bordeaux cloth, red wine and even the little red tomatoes lighten up the monotone color scheme and balance out the color tones.

 One rule to remember is not to use more than three colors. Three is the right number that makes mixing and matching items on the table fairly easy.

2. Dress Up A Simple Salad With A Usuki Oval Plate  

The large Usuki oval plate takes center stage on the table. As these Usuki plates are designed with edges like photo frames, a simple salad can look like a gourmet dish with the black accentuating the vivid green of the leaves.

3. Add Candles and Wine Glasses for Vertical Rhythm   

 An easy way to add a wow factor to your table is to set items with different heights. We’ve used candles in a tall holder and a short tea candle in a cage-like frame, a bottle of wine and set tall wine glasses with shorter Usuki goblet glasses. 

4. Keep It Casual with Natural Textures

To keep the table from getting too formal, include some natural textures to the setting. We added a wooden cutting board and knotted beige linen napkins draping from the side of the table.  

5. Presentation Is The Key

 Place a bowl on a base plate to give height to the food. Give pasta a swirl to give it some extra height.Simple cheese cubes can look more stylish when served in this Usuki small bowl with petals. 

Featured Item

Usukiyaki:Sophistication WithThe Warmth Of Handmade Craftsmanship  

Usukiyaki is made in Usuki City, Oita prefecture. Unlike other kilns in Japan with a long history with its technique passed down through generations of craftsmen, Usukiyaki was not produced for over 200 years. In 2015, several local artisans got together to find a way to revive this once popular craft and started the Usukiyaki Lab.

 Usukiyaki is molded using a technique called “katauchi” where sheet-shaped clay is placed on a plaster mold and then each shaped by hand. As many of the original Usukiyaki plates were painted with a floral motif, many of the items have a floral shape.

The items of Usukiyaki are given a modern and sophisticated look to match the needs of modern dining. “Tableware frame the dish that is being served”, a motto held by the Usukiyaki Lab. Enjoy your next dining experience with their simple and sophisticated tableware. 

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