Table Setting #72
A Tea Tasting Party For Two With Usuki Ware

If you have a friend or family member that shares your love for Japanese green tea, plan a cozy get-together to try various types of tea leaves with traditional Japanese confectioneries.Serene colors and the uniquely designed Usuki tea set and plates set the perfect atmosphere to spend a relaxing afternoon immersing yourself into the wonderful world of Japanese tea. 


  • Organized Simplicity 
  • The Art of Subtraction
  • The Subtle Mix and Match 
  • Black and White Meets Nature
  • Sweet Pleasures 
  • A New Way to Go
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. Organized Simplicity  

Enjoying Japanese tea with tea leaves is a bit more casual than drinking matcha. But same as a formal tea ceremony, the concept of organized simplicity should be at the base of your setting. Using straight lines makes it easy to keep the tablescape orderly and maintain the symmetry on both sides. Here, we’ve used a table runner to set the center of the table and a Kaizan Kiln Wave Arita Square Plate as a charger plate. The Usuki tea set goes well with the elegant curves of the Kaizan plate looking almost like a Karesansui garden at a zen temple.

2. The Art of Subtraction

When we entertain guests, we offer a plentiful serving of food and enthusiastically decorate our house to express our warm welcome. For this gathering, we want to dial back on the extravagant decor and the large portions: subtraction is the key. This approach works very well when you have uniquely attractive tableware items such as the Usuki tea set and plates. The minimalist approach helps the guest better appreciate the design, the texture, the color and other characteristics of an item.  

3. The Subtle Mix and Match  

A tray is a good item to have to organize a group of small plates. The round Akita cedar tray neatly displays the small Usuki dishes and is a good match with the wooden texture of the chairs. 

 The 2 cute lucky cats with their metallic colored bells and outlines match the silver and gold containers with greenery on the table. 

And the white Seven Stars Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Teapot sits quietly at the corner of the table matching the white color of the table runner.

4. Black and White Meets Nature 

A black and white color scheme can seem a bit bold at times, but the Usuki ware color palette actually goes very well with the natural colors in this tablescape. The simple black and white Usuki tea set and plates blend in well with the light green tablecloth..The finely crafted edges of the tea cups, the petals on the lid of the teapot, the floral-shaped plates all match with the natural theme of the table. 

5. Sweet Pleasures 

So, you have set the table and prepared the tea leaves, hot water and tea pot and tea cup. You are ready to enjoy your favorite cup of Japanese tea. But what makes drinking Japanese tea more fun is what comes along with the tea, the Japanese style confectionaries! We prepared four beautiful “namagashi” confectionaries and two dry type snacks. The fresh confectionaries are served on a RINKA Usuki Compote Footed Plate to make them the centerpiece of the table. It may not be easy to buy these kinds of freshly made Japanese confectioneries, but if you are lucky enough to have a shop that makes them nearby, don’t forget to buy a couple (or more) for your tea party. 

 6. A New Way to Go 

April is when all the tea leaf growers release their new tea for that year. But various types of Japanese tea can be enjoyed all year round. Serve different kinds of Japanese tea at your next tea party and enjoy its aromatic flavors and its health benefits with family and friends with our Usuki Ware collection. Have a relaxing afternoon filled with smiles and laughter.

Featured items

Usukiyaki:Sophistication WithThe Warmth Of Handmade Craftsmanship 

Usukiyaki is made in Usuki City, Oita Prefecture. Unlike other kilns in Japan with a long history and its technique being passed down through generations of craftsmen, Usukiyaki had not been produced for over 200 years. But in 2015, several local artisans got together to find a way to revive this once popular craft and started the Usukiyaki Lab.

Usukiyaki is molded using a technique called “katauchi” where sheet-shaped clay is placed on a plaster mold and then each shaped by hand. As many of the original Usukiyaki plates were painted with a floral motif, many of the items have a floral shape. 

The items of Usukiyaki are given a modern and sophisticated look to match the needs of modern dining. “Tableware frames the dish that is being served”, a motto held by the Usukiyaki Lab.

 Enjoy your next dining experience with their simple and sophisticated tableware. 

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