Table Setting #73
Sake Celebration with Noble and Elegant Arita Porcelain Lab Japan Blue Collection 

This refreshingly crisp image of the tablescape is great for a dinner for two on a late summer day. Plan a special meal with chilled sake and delectable dishes plated on these stunning Arita Porcelain Lab Japan Blue Collection tableware.


  • Blue sets the tone 
  • Make it special with Arita ware 
  • Blending textures
  • Enjoy the conversation
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. Blue sets the tone  

The sophisticated and elegant shades of blue set the tone for this late summer table setting. The darker hues give a clean and sharp image to the traditional patterns painted on the two-tier bento box and the side plates, as the lighter hues like the pearl blue plate give a more soft and gentle feel to the table. But both tones work well together to give the table a cool and transparent look to the tablescape. Sit back in your chair to enjoy the eye-relaxing view while you take a sip of chilled sake. 

2. Make it special with Arita ware

In Japan, special occasions such as festivals and weddings, are called “hare” occasions and are celebrated with special outfits, special foods and sometimes special tableware items. The items with the traditional patterns of the Ko-Imari style are perfect to decorate the table for a special occasion. Have a mentor come over to show your appreciation or invite a friend to celebrate a promotion or an engagement. Elevate their dining experience with this beautiful table setting. 

3. Blending textures

Add warmth and a personal feel to the decor on the table by adding items with different textures. We placed a rustic Shigaraki ware vase at the end of the table, used a lacquer coated stand to display the glass sake cups and metallic leaves for chopsticks rests. Have fun combining various items with different textures to give movement and elation to the table. 

4. Enjoy the conversation 

With this Arita ware collection, you can plate all dishes ahead of time and be seated throughout the meal. Plate the main dish and enjoy it while taking bites from the side dish. The staple menu of the meal, which is the adorable ball-shaped “temari sushi” , are neatly set in the two-tier bento box with a lid just as beautiful as the box itself. And no meal cannot be complete without dessert which is set in the sobachoko cup with the lid (yes, this sobachoko cup is quite versatile!)So, even if you are the host, sit down and relax and enjoy your meal and a lively conversation with your guest. 

Upgrading a usual meal to a special get-together meal is made easy with the Arita Porcelain Lab Japan Blue Series. Tradition combined with innovative new ideas is what made these tableware items modern yet authentic. More colors are on their way to achieve new settings for seasons to come. 

Featured items

Arita Porcelain Lab Japan Series

Arita Porcelain Lab is a brand/ company revived by Yazaemon VII as a successor to the long-established Arita porcelain kiln established in 1804. To make Arita porcelain a global brand, the company has been working hard to create modern Arita porcelain that matches the needs of modern lifestyles while incorporating the more than 200 years of traditions.

The Japan Series is a representative series of Arita Porcelain Lab's products that maintains the traditional style of Arita porcelain while modernizing the color scheme.

The unprecedented paints created by Yazaemon kiln's exclusive techniques are brushed on one by one by skilled craftsmen to create a variety of colors and textures inspired by scenes of the four seasons in Japan. The shading of the brush that appears on the surface creates an elegance that cannot be imitated elsewhere.

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