Table Setting #84
Jubako Bento Lunch with Arita Porcelain Lab Japan Series for Autumn  

With the cooler weather in place, it's easier to prepare dishes ahead of time and enjoy different kinds of menus for boxed meals.  
Take a seat at your dining table and enjoy a relaxing meal with a bento box lunch with your favorite dishes and fluffy rice in the Japan Autumn Old Imari Floral Pattern Two Tier Jubako Bento Box from Arita Porcelain Lab.


  • A Nutritious and Complete Meal in a Bento Box
  • Pretty Autumn Colors with Brown 
  • Mixing Textures
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. A Nutritious and Complete Meal in a Bento Box

We first introduced this two tier jubako bento box in a beautiful blue during the summer season. Now it's back in an elegant combination of wine red and blush pink. 
This two tier bento box is the ideal size to serve a hearty and nutritious meal. The bottom tier holds about a one and a half bowl of rice and the top tier is made to hold an array of dishes from meat and/or fish menus to vegetable side dishes. The colorful designs, the matte texture and the round shape will harmonize all the delicious menus in the  bento box to make a perfect meal. 
And if you love your sweets after a meal, Japanese mochi-balls on the small size plate from Japan Autumn are the perfect way to end your meal.  

2. Pretty Autumn Colors with Brown 

We set a simple brown table cloth with a soft pink table runner to match the bento box. The wine red and blush pink with the brown is soothing to eyes and works wonderfully well to dress the table for a calming and charming look. The Hibino Red Brown Earthenware Mino Ware Japanese Teapot actually has hints of pink that also go well with the Two-tier Bento Box. 
The Yamanaka Lacquerware Placemat nicely groups the bento box and the fruit plate while adding another tone of fall colors to the table.

3.  Mixing Textures

One of the unique elements of Japanese tableware is its wide variety in textures.
For this simple setting we used the rustic texture of stoneware from the Jujube Flower Pattern Shigaraki Ware Flower vase and the Mino ware teapot; the lush shine of lacquerware from trays and candy box; the fancy designs on smooth porcelain from the bento box and the transparent dotted patterns of glassware with the Hirota Arare Pattern Edo Round Glass Plate for the fruit dish.
They all come together well without cluttering the table as we limited the colors of the items to brown, pink, black and  white.  

Instead of the usual one-plate meal, try this bento box to prepare an appetizing meal for yourself or maybe for a family that needs to stay home when you are going out.   
Even if you know what's inside, you will enjoy opening the lid and seeing a delightful meal packed inside the beautiful Arita Porcelain Lab bento box. 

Featured items

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