Table Setting #86
Enjoying the Splendor of Autumn with Gold 

Experience the beauty of autumn in Japan with these gold plates and bowls from Arita Porcelain Lab's Japan Series.  Gold can be a bold choice for main plates, but with some table setting tips and right accessories, they can become great additions to your tableware collection for entertaining guests and decorating your table for special occasions. 


  • Fall Impressions
  • Soft Touches of Gold
  • Natural Green
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Key points of this table setting

1. Fall Impressions

Feel the warm and bountiful ambience of autumn with this table setting using gold as the main color scheme. 

The beige color of the table cloth is a "kaya" color which is the color of thatched roofs on traditional old houses seen in the Japanese countryside. And on the kaya-colored table cloth, we lined a runner in the same color scheme but with differing textures to give dimension to the table top. This subtle color choice adds elegance to the table without muffling the beautiful colors of the items on the table.

We set the main plates and the chopsticks on a black Yamanaka lacquerware tray to match the lacquerware bento box's lustrous shine.The bi-color center-piece stand gives height to shorter items and as it can be easily moved, passing food to your guest can be done with ease.  

Throw in some tall branches with autumn colored leaves into a rustic stoneware vase for an added element of natural presentation.

2. Soft Touches of Gold

Gold is a color that can have a fairly strong presence on a table, especially as a main plate, but by placing it on a lacquer tray with the beige tablecloth, the gold shine is delicately softened, and gracefully highlights the table. Adjust the amount of gold color you want to show by adding kobachi bowls or small dishes on the plate. This presentation can also create a fine-dining look to the setting.

The golden pattern on the Echizen Lacquerware Two Tiers Jubako Bento Box depicts spring cherry blossoms and the autumn leaves over running water. It is a beautiful piece of tableware that decorates the table with its luscious gloss of lacquer and the elegant shine of gold. 
The small golden origami-folded crane chopstick rests can be great gold ornaments on a table.

3. Natural Greens 

If you take a look at this setting from afar, you'll see that small areas of green colors are evenly spread across the table. It's the green color that gives accent to the calm natural colors and unifies all the items on the table.  Whether it be a piece of lettuce to line a main dish or some edamames in a sake cup, try to add some green tones to table when using subtle natural colors.

Metallic colors like silver and gold can be reminiscent of the holiday seasons, but in Japan gold is one of the classic colors of autumn. As the color of the leaves change into deep hues of red, orange brown and yellow, the yellow shades turn into deep rich hues close to a golden color. 
Create a Japanese autumn on your dining table with this elegant tablescape with items from Arita Porcelain Lab's Japan Series.

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